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1 day ago (11/26/2014)

Fishing Report: East Cape Fishing Report 11.26.14

Try to explain a pilgrim to a Mexican Winter has kicked into high gear on the East Cape.  The last couple of days north winds have blown so hard the sea has not been fishable.  I have watched a couple of departures in the morning from brave souls with high hopes but by 9am they are pounding their way back to anchor.  Typically from now though February we will experience a steady diet of this weather.  There will be days when the sea calms enough to get out fish...

Fishing Report: Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 11.25.14

November is the month of golden reds! Each year I look forward to the annual fall redfish run, and the start of this one has topped them all. We had another cold front on Tuesday and that’s a good thing, because these reds like it cold. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been on the water frequently mostly with clients and a few times with buddies enjoying some fun fishing for myself. There is nothing like fishing our annual redfish run. These fish are large and in charge, a...
2 days ago (11/25/2014)

Fishing Report: Atlantic Ocean (FL) Fishing Report 11.25.14

Fishing Fort Lauderdale on Happy Day Today with Capt. Zsak   Peter Atkinson, Ken Valley and Jim Felix from Canada here on vacation enjoying our golf courses decided to do some big game deep sea sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale, FL   with the Topshotfishing team.   Winds were out of the northeast at 17 mph, seas running 4-6 ft., blue skies, and temperature in the mid 70’s.   We stopped to purchase a dozen live Goggle Eyes from T&T Bait whi...

Fishing Report: Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 11.23.14

NAVIONICS SONAR EVENT: If your a member of a club or tournament Trail and wish to get some free Navionics chips to give away in your club call me at 256 759 2270 i will tell you how we can give you some free product for your group! www.navionics.com   Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 11/23/14 This past week on Guntersville came down to some very specific fishing as location was everything; some found them many did not. The bass made some big moves out toward the winte...

Fishing Report: Banana River Lagoon Fishing Report 11.22.14

The Orlando No Fishing Report First of all, wishing everyone a magnificent Thanksgiving holiday. Don’t forget to count your blessings and give thanks! Friday morning Sue and I drove to Madeira Beach to go to Ashley and Anton’s wedding. It was a lovely affair and we had a great time, spending the entire weekend over there. See the photos here… http://johnkumiski.com/ashley-anton-got-married/ Monday there was a monsoon as a strong cold front pushed through....
Capt. Zsak
8 days ago (11/20/2014)

Fishing Report: Atlantic Ocean (FL) Fishing Report 11.20.14

Fishing Fort Lauderdale on Happy Day Today with Capt. Zsak   Sanar Yaldo along with his friends, Lawrence Bahoura, Justino Zoma and Brandon Yaldo were down in Fort Lauderdale from Michigan to celebrate Sanar’s bachelor party and decided to charter the Topshotfishing team to do some deep sea big game sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Winds were out of the west at 12 mph, seas running 3-4 ft. with blue skies and temperatures in the mid 80’s.   The g...
9 days ago (11/18/2014)

Fishing Report: East Cape Fishing Report 11.18.14

Weapons of mass destruction The East Cape fishing season is rapidly coming to a close as weather changes and more kite boarders arrive.  The water in the Sea of Cortez is still blue and above 80 degrees but history tells us these conditions will be short lived.  A real time view of current East Cape weather can be viewed on our live webcams at: http://teamjenwren.com/east-cape-webcam.html   Fishermen on the East Cape have had to travel long dist...

Company: Lifeform LED

9 days ago
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Lifeform LED, ID, United States United States
12 days ago (11/16/2014)

Fishing Report: Lake Martin Fishing Report 11.16.14

Got You Hooked Striped Bass Guide Service  Lake Martin, Alabama  November 15th, 2014 Fishing guide Mike Walker of Got You Hooked Striped Bass Guide Service says if the pressure changes aren't to strong then put your warm clothes on and give him a call. Topwater is going off and nothings better then seeing big fish bust out of the water. Head guide Lee Bullock had topwater action 2 out of his last 3 trips. That could mean a couple fish or a lot of fish, just depends on...

Fishing Report: Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 11.15.14

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 11/15/14 With the drastic change to cold weather the bass have moved out to staging spots and the activity is picked up tremendously. The bigger fish are making the day fun and catching has improved a bunch. When does this last run slow down for the winter I don’t know but enjoying it while it lasts is what is on my agenda! I think with the bass moving into some of their staging spots that we will see them bite on a variety of baits, just abou...
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