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about 13 hours ago (01/25/2015)

Fishing Report: Tampa Bay Fishing Report 01.25.15

Tampa Bay Fishing Report 1/25/15 Reel Till U Feel Charters fishing report for Tampa Bay. The most consistent bite the last ten days or so has been, Sheepshead, Black Sea Bass, & Silver Trout.  All of which are a blast to catch on light tackle. Sheepshead, A very under rated fish to catch. Most of the catches have been 12 to 15 inches, hitting Small Shrimp and Fiddlers Crabs. The bite should only improve for the next month. Black Sea Bass bite has been on fire. Hitting just...
Capt. Matt Ercoli
2 days ago (01/24/2015)

Fishing Report: Tampa Bay Fishing Report 01.24.15

Tampa Bay Jan 24 Fishing Report   Hello from Beautiful Anna Maria Island.   This is the reason I live here, it’s January 24 and 70 degrees. The sun is shining and t-shirt and shorts is about the heaviest thing you need to wear.  I have to say this has been and unbelievable winter.  I don’t think we have had one real cold front this season that actually pushed through south of us.  We had a few stall north of us and a few kind of sit on top o...

Fishing Report: Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 01.24.15

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 1/24/15 After some extreme cold and a busy start to the 2015 year I got back on the water this week with great results and a great start to the New Year. We were blessed most of this past week with some great weather not too cold and the wind was bearable and the results were great. It appears with just a little sunshine that the bass moved into the grass and catching them on the move feeding with SPRO Aruka Shad rattle baits was just the ticket. I...

Fishing Report: Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report 01.24.15

Saltwater Orlando Fishing Report from Spotted Tail Can’t get enough of this sticker… Things seem to be looking up in the fishing world. We didn’t catch a lot of fish this week, but finding them became a lot easier. On Monday Rob Boman and David Cline joined me for a day’s fishing on Mosquito Lagoon. We saw two schools of redfish right away. They were spooky enough that we could not get a cast to either. We continued on our way. Spot number t...

Fishing Report: Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 01.23.15

Lake Guntersville Fishing Report The good times are starting to roll. With warm weather teasing us that spring is right around the corner, the bass are playing along too. Spent about 5 hours on Lake Guntersville today with some success, a tad bit different then Monday but the size grew. Well that 9ft we talked about the other day is gone they pushed up shallow 4 foot or less, I tried a variety of lures before the 1st bass attack, and that started the puzzle. It was not...

Guide: Guntersville Bass Guides

2 days ago
Professional Bass Fishing Guide on Lake Guntersville. Fish out of a 2015 Legend V20 with Mercury Pro XS 250, use Lowrance electronics, Duckett Rods & Reels.. We are a full service you just need to b...
Guntersville, AL, United States United States

Fishing Report: Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 01.23.15

This report is for the last 4 days. I have been running several areas getting ready for the upcoming season. Monday was a grind but when I got bit it was a good one and I only boated 4 fish and all of them came on a crankbait. Tuesday was about the same as Monday but I did have a limit and 4 of them were on a crankbait and one was on a trap. On Wednesday I started to get dialed in on the new areas and boated 10 fish which came on a crankbait and trap also.  On Thursday I spent the day...
Capt. Zsak
6 days ago (01/20/2015)

Fishing Report: Atlantic Ocean (FL) Fishing Report 01.20.15

Fort Lauderdale on Happy Day Today with Capt. Zsak Fishing Steve and Lucinda Ettar, along with their son, Devon, from Colorado spent their holiday vacation in Fort Lauderdale, FL and chartered the Topshotfishing team to do some deep sea big game sport fishing.  Winds were out of the east at 15 mph, temperatures in the low 80’s, blue skies, while the weather up north is frigid with snow.   Fifteen minutes after leaving the dock, lines were in 120 ft of water at t...

Lodge: Captain Cooks

6 days ago
Lake house located 64' from lake with private boat ramp .pier, floating dockyard around. 3 bedroom 2 bath, all linens, cable, WIFI, fully stocked kitchen Call for ANGLER DISCOUNT For pictures and...
Wedowee, AL, United States United States

Fishing Report: Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 01.19.15

This report is over the last few weeks. The day before the big cold fronts hit was the best day I have had so far with boating around 20 that afternoon. I started around noon and quit around 4:00. Traps and crankbaits were the deal in 7 to 12 feet. The next day I got out was the Sunday after all the big cold front and it was slow and all I could get them to bite was a jig fished really slow. I could see them just sitting there on the graph but it was like force feeding them and all I caught...
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