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about 5 hours ago (09/17/2014)

Fishing Report: Sparks Marina Park Pond Fishing Report 09.16.14

WOW! WOW! WOW! What a great fishing day today- 9/16/2014.  At about 5:30 P.M. I hooked onto a 15 pound plus Channel Catfish that fought for nearly 20 minutes before I landed her.  At 30 inches long she is the biggest catfish I have ever caught on rod and reel.  Equipment used is a 6 foot Shakespeare Graphite rod with a Mitchell spinning reel, 12 pound test line and a #4 Eagle Claw hook.  I used a Canadian Night Crawler about 4 foot off the bottom.  The hook stuc...

Guide: Croys Cabins

about 5 hours ago
Tennessee year round hunting & fishing lodge. We offer all types of big game hunts from Antelope to Zebra. We also offer guided fishing trips for Boone & Cherokee lakes here in east Tennessee.
greeneville, TN, United States United States
about 16 hours ago (09/16/2014)

Fishing Report: Tampa Bay Fishing Report 09.16.14

Reel Till U Feel Charters Fishing Report for Tampa Bay. The Mangrove Snapper bite remains on fire around the bridges, eating the smaller Greenbacks. The bite should continue through till the end of October and maybe a little longer. Weedon Island is holding a lot Reds and Snook. The key is to be one of the first boats there as the sun comes up on the incoming tide. Its unreal how the bite can be so strong with all the fishing pressure and boats running them over. The Trout bite...

Fishing Report: Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 09.14.14

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 9/13/14 The up and down fishing continued this past week, it appears the fishing is still in transition and getting the bass to bite consistently was challenging for sure. Having said that we also had some times where the bass responded very well, it was just in short time frames but with good results! The presentations that have been successful over this time frame were pretty much what we have been doing for the past several weeks, fishing Tight-L...
3 days ago (09/14/2014)

Fishing Report: Waters Around Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report 09.14.14

The Dorado have arrived in numbers and that the sailfish bite has been very strong this year, check out the latest fishing reports for Cabo San Lucas here http://www.itravel-cabo.com/fishing-reports.aspx   Also, Hurricane Odile looks like its headed straight for Cabo! All the latest info will be posted here http://www.itravel-cabo.com/news.aspx...

Fishing Report: Fraser River Fishing Report 09.13.14

September 13, 2014 Fishing report for the Fraser river British Columbia, Canada: Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser river has been steady over the past week. Our fishing guides have got our clients into fish over 8 feet long and weighing over 300 lbs! The best is yet to come in October and November.  We have some prime dates for fall Sturgeon fishing packages. Salmon fishing: The Sockeye salmon run is almost done. Starting around Sept 20 we will be fishing for big Chinook salmon th...
4 days ago (09/13/2014)

Fishing Report: East Cape Fishing Report 09.13.14

East Cape - CANCELLED! A few days ago it was announced that the East Cape Tuna Shoot Out was cancelled because of pending weather.  At that time I thought the call was made prematurely.  It takes a lot of planning and many anglers make commitments so canceling a tournament is a hard decision. As our weather has panned out it was the right call.  Today would be tournament day and southern Baja is under tropical storm watch.  The Sea of Cortez looks like a pond a...
Rio Araguaia in Aruana, GO

Fishing Spot Photo: Araguaia River

Rio Araguaia in Aruana, GO...
Miracema do Norte, TO, Brazil Brazil
5 days ago

Fishing Spot Photo: East Brimfield Lake

Brimfield, MA, United States United States
5 days ago

Fishing Report: Lake Worth(Lagoon) Fishing Report 09.11.14

The inshore fishing in the ICW has produced a mix bag of species for anglers, as mullet schools trickle into back bays. The Snook and Tarpon have really keyed in on the schools of bait near docks and sea walls. Early morning and late afternoon provides the best action for anglers. Pier fishing also another areas for anglers to tango with the linesiders   The Jacks have been abundant near drop offs and local bridges. Live baits work great along with lures and jigs. The Jacks hav...
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