Alaska's Big Five Fishing Lodge


Bob Luna
Dolores, CO
United States United States
PO Box 893
Dolores, CO 81323

Alaska's Big Five Fishing Lodge - the main office for 5 beautiful fly in lodges in Alaska.
All adventures include fully guided fishing, tackle, rods, reels, lodging, meals, filet, freeze, vacuum-pack fish. Choose from five top-flight lodges, including: McDougall Lodge for $1320, Talaview Lodge $1788-$2063, Talvista Lodge $1788, Talstar Lodge $1320 or Angel Haven Lodge $2475.

In mid-June the mighty Chinook--King Salmon, are generally taken on large spinning tackle. Many fly fishermen experience the ultimate angling adventure with their weighted streamer fly.

The Sockeye--Red Salmon--begin arriving the last week of July. Knee-deep by August, reds are brilliant fighters! When a Sockeye strikes, the water explodes with dramatic action!

The last week of July and throughout August, Chum and Pink Salmon arrive. Beginners and children have a heyday when nearly every cast produces a strike!

The entire month of August finds the Coho--Silver Salmon--fresh, strong, and of perfect eating quality. Silvers strike flies and lures with equal zest and are well known for their acrobatic leaps and sizzling runs.

As the King Salmon begin spawning the last three weeks of July, anglers find excellent Rainbow Trout fishing. Typically, when weather is warm and sunny, water conditions create memorable fly fishing experiences!

Talstar Lodge
Talachulita River, AK

Talaview Lodge
Talachulita River, AK

Talvista Lodge
Talachulita River, AK

McDougall Lodge
Lake Creek, AK

Angel Haven Lodge
Yentna River, AK

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