Perch, Sand


Scientific Name:
Diplectrum formosum
Fight Rating:
Very Easy Pointer

Water: Salt/Coastal Waters Where: Offshore / Inshore
Size: Most common at well under a pound, ranging from a few inches up to about 9 or so
Fight: A fiesty and agressive fish altho due to his size his bark is less than his bite.
Deliciousness: Good Panfish
Range: Both Coasts Technique: Drifting / Still Fishing
Baits: Shrimp / Baitfish / Lures Tackle: Spinning

The Sand perch is characterized by a long body, ranging from tan to bronze to brick fading to the underside, with darker tiger like stripes along his side. He has a blue bottom lip leading to blue stripes running horizontally all the way thru his dorsal fins, which are yellow, to the tip of his forked blue tail.

These fish are found from inside waters, bays and channels all the way out to open water, usually along open or patchy bottoms.

Shrimp pieces are the best natural bait, while jigs make for the best artificial. But this fish is not picky, taking most cutbaits and any well presented, size according artificial.

Fishing Spots


Channel Islands Harbor Harbor (Saltwater)

Oxnard, CA
United States United States
2 18 1 4

Cudjoe Bay Bay (Saltwater)

Cudjoe Key, FL
United States United States
2 116 2 19 6

Dickerson Bay Bay (Saltwater)

Panacea, FL
United States United States
52 3 4

Dixie Bay Bay (Saltwater)

Crystal River, FL
United States United States
1 40 3 4

Fish Trap Bay Bay (Saltwater)

Bonita Springs, FL
United States United States
1 34 17 2

Gulf of Mexico (FL) Gulf of Mexico

Clearwater, FL
United States United States

Intercoastal Waterway Bay (Saltwater)

Delray Beach, FL
United States United States
63 1 6 4

Levy Bay Bay (Saltwater)

Panacea, FL
United States United States
28 3 2

Lyons Bay Bay (Saltwater)

Venice, FL
United States United States
66 3 4

Marco Island Island (Saltwater)

Goodland, FL
United States United States
20 72 1 16 8

Pacific Ocean Ocean

Newport Beach, CA
United States United States
6 28 3 8

Placida Harbor Bay (Saltwater)

Placida, FL
United States United States
6 66 1 22 6

San Pablo Bay Bay (Saltwater)

San Pablo, CA
United States United States
8 12 2 2 4

Sarasota Bay Bay (Saltwater)

Sarasota, FL
United States United States

Selby Bay Bay (Saltwater)

Edgewater, MD
United States United States
10 2 3 6



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