Lake Fork Fishing Report 02.27.12

Submitted by Lake Fork Trophy Bass Fishing

Submitted on 02/27/2012

It looks like this is the week it will break loose on Lake Fork. This weekend I found 60 degree water on a 60 degree day. That means the fishing is getting better, but still needs some 70 degree days. The forecast calls for 70+ days most of this week, so it should break loose by the weekend. What does that mean? The bass will be swimming in shallow water, feeding up for the spawn. The females will be as heavy as they get and they will be on the beds soon. Last trip, we didn't get any giants, but we did get a 6 pounder that was only 20 inches long. That's pretty short for a 6 pounder. She had obviously been eating well. The bite is still quite slow, but that will change this week. I usually find bedding bass between Feb 21 and March 8. This year, the lake is low and the winter was mild. I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't already bedding bass somewhere on the lake. But sight fishing probably isn't the best pattern while the majority of giant females haven't made their way to spawn yet.
Some creeks have some decent clarity, while others are muddy. I've done best in the clearer areas. Most of the bigger fish are being caught on jigs. However, I've also been catching good quailty fish on crankbaits and the best numbers on lipless crankbaits. I've been seing quite a few fish caught on worms, but I have been mostly power fishing for bigger bass. Main lake water temps are still in the low to mid 50's most of the day.
Last week, I had some trips on Monticello. We didn't find a lot of females, but we caught a few and a ton of males between 3 and 5 pounds. We caught most of them sight fishing, but caught several on topwaters, spinnerbaits, and chatterbaits. That's a great place to fish now that the crowds have thinned and the multitudes are on Fork. Water temps are only 5 degrees or so warmer than Fork this year.
Welsh is also awesome this year. The water is hot and so is the fishing. But that lake is better for numbers than quality.
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