Richland Chambers Reservoir Fishing Report 05.04.10

Submitted by Gone Fishin' Guide Service Royce & Adam Simmons

Submitted on 05/04/2010
Fellow Fishermen & Fisherwomen,
It's been about as good as it gets on RC as the White Bass, Hybrid Stripers and pretty much all the fishies have been on an "eating binge" the past week!
Most days you can expect to limit out (25 per person) on the White Bass, and depending on the conditions, the Hybrid Striper bite has been good also. We're catching fish in most of the well known locations on the Main Lake....Pelican Island, 309 Flats, Old Hwy 287 Roadbed and many of the Main Lake Points. Keep a Slab, Rat-L-Trap and Sassy Shad handy as the majority of the fish have been coming off the bottom, but many days you'll see "Schooling" fish also.
The Crappie have been a bit of a challenge most days as there are still fish in the stages of spawning, but not many of the really large catches you normally hear about are occuring. I'm guessing we've got a few more days of shallow water activity and the spawn will be over for 2010. Over the weekend, I saw several folks catching fish from the coves at Fisherman's Point Marina.
It's a great time of the year to enjoy the Outdoors as it's not too Cold, not too Hot , but JUST RIGHT!
Give us a call and Let's Go Fishin'!
Royce & Adam Simmons
Gone Fishin' Guide Service