North Pacific Ocean Fishing Report 05.05.10

Submitted by Qualifier 105

Submitted on 05/05/2010
Accurate 16-Day/Ride/Fly Day 8
We made the right move!! After a tough time at the bank, we moved a little closer to home and had an outstanding day. We started out with some wahoo and then it was tuna time. After chasing a few bird schools for most of the late morning, we found a spot that wanted to bite and bite good. The first 4 guys to hookup new these were big ones. The kites went up and all hell broke loose. We landed about 40 nice size tuna with fish from 60 lbs to a fish that taped 276!!! The angler was Tom Burke from New York. He is fishing this trip for the 2nd year in a row and hooked the fish of a lifetime. The battle was a good one, it lasted about 2 hours and Tom lapped the boat 6 or 7 times. A picture is included. Our dinner was New York steaks (just for Tom) and twice baked taters. With new line to put on reels its time for me to go, more tomorrow, the Q crews out!!!
Qualifier 105