Sacramento River Fishing Report 09.02.11

Submitted by Kevin Brock's Guide Service

Submitted on 09/02/2011
8-31-11 Hot Bite Report - limits!
Full limits of Sacramento River king salmon landed on 8-31-11 with Kevin Brock
It was another great day of king salmon fishing on the Sacramento River today. For the 13th day in a row, early limits for all anglers were caught, this time by 12:08 pm.
There were 15 salmon hooked today, and 10 were landed to round out the limits for 5 anglers. The big salmon of the day was 19 lbs. As has been the case lately, all were hooked by drifting roe on light tackle, with a 12 pound main line and 10 pound leader, on Penn Slammer spinning reels and G. Loomis GL3 light rods. Anglers really get a good battle on the light tackle, as can be seen in the the fishing videos.
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Maggie's happy with another day of limits!