Estero Bay Fishing Report 01.19.12

Submitted by Capt. Rob Modys/ SoulMate Charters

Submitted on 01/19/2012

Rising air temperatures will help warm the waters of Estero Bay and the Gulf over the next week. That, combined with a lay down in the winds, should make the fish hungry and the anglers happy!

The bonnethead sharks have taken up residence on the backcountry flats in about 4 to 5 feet of water. Live shrimp under popping corks works best to get their attention and then it's off to to races once hooked up. Tons of fun on light tackle.

Trout have continued to bite well in the backcountry using live shrimp under popping corks. The water is starting to clear up due to the lack of rain runoff, so setting up a bit farther out from the target zone is a must. If they see you, they are gone.

Redfish seem to have gotten a handle on the cooler water temperatures and are starting to chew during the mid day high tides. The bite should continue to improve over the next week thanks to warmer weather and the new moon tides. Live shrimp on jigs fished close to the mangroves has produced the bigger fish.

The sheepshead are getting bigger and bigger and more aggressive. Small offerings of shrimp on small hooks or jig heads is the way to go. We've been catching them around docks or in the cuts near oyster bars on either the falling or rising tide. The largest ones have started gathering up around the nearshore rock piles in about 20 feet of water.

Bonita (little tuny) have made the move closer to shore with the drop in water temperature. You'll find them in 18 to 24 feet of water in fairly good size schools chasing small glass minnows. Look for the birds and you'll find the fish. We had the best luck with white bucktail jigs tossed close to the action and then quickly reeled back to the boat.


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