Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 03.29.10

Submitted by Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service

Submitted on 03/29/2010
As the weather went so did the fishing this past week, we had some warm days and the fish really turned on then we had some cold north wind days and the fish were hard to find. I guess one might say that this is typical spring in North Alabama. Well it might be typical spring but the winter was anything but typical.
None the less we started the week off with 2 monster bass the biggest being 10.1 lbs. and the other 9.2 lbs. and ended the week with a 7.9 lb. bass. The big fish were a site to see, the old story that the big one got away well I must say we experienced that also. One of my clients had one on that jumped and threw his bait and I swear it made the 10.2 look small. It might be the biggest bass I have ever seen on Guntersville I just wish we could have put it in the boat.
Baits this week were mixed as they seemed to want something different every day, we caught them on Punisher Spinner Baits in silver shad color ? oz. also on Tight-Line Jigs in black and blue color in ? oz. and Go-2-Baits Lil Thumper in black grape color. All said a great week with a few exceptions on Guntersville.
Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service
Captain Mike Gerry