Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 07.25.11

Submitted by Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service

Submitted on 07/25/2011
I spent the first few days of the week on the water, just trying to keep up with the patterns the fish were following. It is certainly extremely hot and uncomfortable past the first few hours of the morning. The schooling bite seems a little stronger in the evening but the late afternoon heat is tough.
The bite that was most productive for me was top water over the grass, and if you?re on top of the schooling fish it is really active. You are fishing hard for the time on the water for the few bites you get. It still however beats a day at work for most. The weather should start to show some signs of change and as we start to see some cooling in the evening and winds we should really get a big pick up in the activity.
The bottom bite has been all worm or jig around the grass edges and point drops off the ledges. I have been using a Tight-Line football jig in watermelon type coloring ? oz or maybe ? oz. in size. I have not been able to get a consistent flipping bite as I expected yet but that should come any day!
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