Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 08.22.11

Submitted by Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service

Submitted on 08/22/2011
The best way to describe this past week is to say ?we caught a fish here and a fish there,? nothing was really a pattern and no bait was declared the winner. If you got a bite and missed it, it was one of very few opportunities over the day. Some bites were in 12 to 15 ft. of water some were in 4 ft. of water; just a really tough week on Guntersville and for the life of me I can?t explain it. Very little activity all week long and I could not find a solution to change the slow pattern.
The early part of the week we had one evening where we did find some schooling fish and we took some 8 ft type diving crank baits and cranked them off and through the schooling fish and found a couple good bites at the bottom where the crank bait bounced and moved off the bottom structure. Other than that our here and there pattern was some top water baits, like an El Grande Buzz Frog or a popping bait, and a traditional worm, or maybe even a jig off the deeper edges.
I just have to believe that the heat and hot water temperature has the fish suspending and not feeding much and timing of being on the water at the right time is everything. The bass have to feed maybe it?s at night but at some point during a 24 hour period there feeding and you have to be there to enjoy it!
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