Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 09.27.10

Submitted by Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service

Submitted on 09/27/2010
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 9/26/10
There are some more signs of fall starting to show; even though the heat was still extremely tough on the body at times the fish did some typical fall feeding. Not all good but some improvement over last week, small steps but steps forward nonetheless. The biggest improvement for me was the seemingly addition of some consistency in the crank bait bite which is a sure sign of fall feeding.
The real kicker for the next step of improvement would be for some strong rains to hit and start separating the thick mats of grass; this would move the bait and the bass would start feeding more on a regular basis.
The best fish were caught this week on top water buzz baits from Secret Weapon Lures and several on crank baits and Go-2-Bait worms. Next week is supposed to cool down and if so we should take another step forward into fall fishing.
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