Gulf of Mexico Fishing Report 02.20.12

Submitted by Go Fish Charters, Inc.

Submitted on 02/20/2012

The redfish fishing as been very good in the Fort Myers area. I have been catching good numbers of redfish on my fishing charters all this month. There are schools of reds on most every flat on low tide in Pine Island Sound. The fish are staging waiting on the rising tide and then moving up to shorelines and the mangrove islands. While most anglers fishing chose to wait until the later you will have just as good success if you can assess some of the low bottom areas that make up most of the Fort Myers Fishing grounds. Theses areas are exposed at low and particularly negative tide. Once this happens the crustaceans and other food source come out of the mud, once the water rises back over these flats the redfish move in and begin eating as they forage across the flat.

The best tactic for shallow water red fishing is to stage your boat in an area near a exposed flat. Watch for any movement in the water pattern. It is especially helpful when other boats run near an area you are working since it exposes the location of the school. Waiting for the school to come to you is an all important factor to learn. A slow approach and a working the area over thoroughly will bend plenty of rods on the boat. Any crab or shrimp imitation will prove to be effective, long distance casting is a must. I will usually spend a good 20 -30 minutes covering 1/4 to 1/2 mile of flat. Setting the boat up to use the wind to your advantage is a must, with the least amount of trolling motor as possible. Light spinning gear with 8lb braided line with 1/8 and 1/4 ounce jig heads should be all that is required for success.

I went with another guide recently and seen targetable numbers of tarpon in a migration route. With the warm weather pattern that has dominated Fort Myers and the rest of the country An early spring pattern will give way to an early tarpon season. I expect to put up some numbers well ahead of schedule this tarpon season. I have a few dates left in June and fewer in May that are available. I have ample room in April to book and April has typically been a good month for me since I have targeted tarpon early for many years. This April should be phenomenal and allow for those who are here an opportunity to catch a BIG TARPON.

Capt Andy Boyette