Florida Keys Fishing Report 08.04.10

Submitted by KeyWestFishTales.com

Submitted on 08/04/2010
This post is both informational and hopefully, educational.
First, still… There is NO OIL IN KEY WEST. I know I have harped on this ad nauseam, but that is the number one question I get several times a day. And a fair question at that. So, before I get to the fishing, let me explain why there is no oil in Key West and why, I believe, there won’t be! A bold statement, but I feel that after working as a Captain full time in Key West exclusively since 1986, I am a bit more savvy than most… even most of the so called experts. Here’s my take on the whole thing.
First, we have all learned quite a bit about the Loop current and the Gulf Stream in the past few months so I won’t go into too much detail about that. If you aren’t familiar with those two factors, do a little research on the internet and you will be up to speed in just a few clicks. The Loop/Gulf Stream is driven by changes in water temperature. The bigger the difference between the temperature of the Gulf Stream coming from Mexico and the temperature of the ambient water in the Gulf of Mexico, the faster the Gulf Stream moves. If the two temperatures are reasonably close, such as they are right now in the dead of summer, there just isn’t much energy to move that huge amount of water and it stagnates pretty much where it is. And unless you get some sort of major event like a storm, you won’t get much movement in that water until the seasons start to change. Like maybe a cold front from up North descending on the Gulf of Mexico and cooling things down. Just not gonna happen for at least several more months. The second most effective element to moving this oil out of the Gulf is the prevailing wind and more importantly, its direction. As pretty much everyone knows, the prevailing wind in the Florida Keys year around is South East. We get Some days of East and a little North during “rain events” but you can pretty much count on the wind blowing from the South East every time you take your boat out from May thru October. This direction puts that stagnant oil right up on Galveston and on its way to Houston by way of New Orleans. Sorry, not trying to be cruel, but Key West is just not going to get that oil under these conditions. No way. We do fish the Gulf of Mexico and did quite a few times this last month when the wind was blowing stiffly out of the South East a few days this July. Still, near shore, no oil, and plenty of fish!
Anyway, to sum up fishing this summer so far, we found out that even though the oil spill hurt our Dolphin fishing we found that there was more than enough other species we could target and make good days out of fear induced media clients. Way too many anglers have been listening to the press and panicking over maybes and possibles…
Wreck fishing in 200-300 feet of water has been great for producing Red Snapper, Big Grouper, Cuberas, Amberjacks, and plenty of Sharks. The deep dropping has produced Warsaw Groupers, Snowey Groupers, Tile and Golden Tilefish, and of course, plenty of Rosies in 850 feet of water. Still trolling and catching resident Sailfish, Blackfin Tunas, and Wahoo. As always, my trips have remained with the catching guarantee. We always catch fish. Period. That never changed even when the well in the Gulf, three thousand miles away, was still spewing thousands of gallons. We stand by our charters.
And, finally, some pics sent to us by some recent charters. I usually take all the pictures, but when you see me in the photos, know that some wonderful angler took the time to send us a few pics of their charter and we love to post those
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