Lay Lake Fishing Report 08.29.11

Submitted by Reeds Guide Service

Submitted on 08/29/2011
By Reed Montgomery / Reeds Guide Service(205) 663-1504
Birmingham, Alabama
Impounded 1914
Lake Level: full pool
Water Temperature: dawn-88 degrees / evenings-93 degrees
Water Clarity: clear
Air Temperature: dawn low-70's / evening highs mid-90's
Lay Lake for Big, Late Summer Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass and Striped Bass!
Its been a long, hot summer in Alabama, that will slowly come to an end -- to many anglers delights -- as September rolls around and the waters of Lay lake (that reached 94 degrees in late August), slowly begin to cool. Still, for about another 3-4 weeks it can still be hot, with September in years past showing air temperatures in the low 90's.
So when can Lay lake's anxious anglers expect to see a sudden change in the weather for the better? I would say the first week of October. That is, if it can get any better!
On a guided trip this week, I took a pair of teenagers (brothers as a matter of fact) that met me at dawn and we fished until 12 p.m. It was a very hot day with air temps close to 98 degrees, when we decided we had enough for the day. Maybe, the last one of those days in the upper-90's I will see this year. Still, we caught fish!
Striped Bass, Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass
Yes, its possible to fool all three of these bass species on any given day on Lay lake, even on a hot, late summer day. That is, if your at the right place, throwing the right lures, at the right time! On Lay lake these three bass species can be caught in any feeder creek or on a main lake spot at any time!
We just happen to be in the right spot and we fooled some nice bass and some big, 10-15 pound striped bass, all on topwater lures like Heddon's three-hook zara super spooks, Lucky Craft's Sammies, Old Rebel pop-r's, Excaliber's Skitter Pop and their big model Spittin' Image. We even caught a few two pound spotted bass on the same lures. All fish were caught within one hour of dawn, from about 5:45 to 6:45 a.m.
Then the action ceased as the early morning sun begin to least on those lures!
We then rigged up some weedless lures. Hollow, rubber-bodied frogs (those featuring two upturned hooks) and solid-bodied plastic frogs (those requiring a single, Gamakatsu wide-bend 5/0 hook) both types of frogs rigged on wide-spooled ABU Garcia reels coupled with a long, 7 foot or better (flipping rod or other type) rod, armed with Berkley Trilene green Big Game 20 pound test monofilament line.
We also rigged (on some medium-heavy 6 1/2 foot rods with 15 pound line), some small (and quietly retrieved), white 3/8 ounce buzz baits. We rigged Zoom's white tricks worms, Berkley shad swim baits, Yamamoto watermelon-colored Senkos and Zoom's pearl white soft plastic Flukes were also rigged. We targeted largemouth bass fishing around thin and thick weeds mostly on shady banks in the backs of a major feeder creek. No bottom lures were used.
By 9 a.m. the humidity was high and so was the morning sun and we were all soaked in our sweaty t-shirts. But thankfully, the bass were biting and both of these very avid brothers had caught 3 nice largemouth bass each. One had bragging rights to the biggest bass, one largemouth about 4 pounds, caught on the hollow-bodied frog on a small, isolated patch of grass about he size of a wash tub! (OK the size of a car tire for those younger anglers that do not know.) A good bass anytime!
But the other brother, who had caught just as many bass, only had bragging rights to the biggest "lost" bass. No, not lost on the frog, but on that small, white buzz bait!
He was using braided line (with no stretch, like monofilament line, good for sudden topwater bites and often better hook ups) and when the huge bass unexpectedly exploded on the small buzz bait he instinctly snatched the lure away, missing the monster. We all got a good look at it, It looked to easily be about 7 pounds! Just like one I had caught in August along with a 5 & 6 pounder on that zara spook. Wanna see that picture?
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Where you will see me holding three bass each weighing 5, 6 and 7 pounds all caught in August on Lay lake on topwater lures on a hot, summer day, including two 3 pounders! Total that day fishing alone: 5 bass weighing about 24 pounds, that would win any bass tournament and take big bass honors on Lay lake in August any time!
As our morning came to an end we headed back down the lake. Suddenly, right in front of the boat along a deep river channel bend, we saw a huge school of erupting bass!
So rather reluctantly we stopped (our very needed and cool ride), to see what they were! Stripers! For about 100 yards they were busting shad and knocking them in the air, feeding voraciously and just waiting...for anything! For about 30 minutes we forgot the heat.
We caught striped bass after bass, some weighing up to 15 pounds or better, on spooks, spinnerbaits, crank baits, jerk baits, swim baits, rattle traps and flukes. Anything already rigged (but a worm), would work on these fish in an obviously, very frantic feeding frenzy!
I just watched (after fooling a few myself on the spook) and then I netted about 20 stripes, some weighing from 5-15 pounds. An unbelievable end, to an already very good morning! At almost 11:30 am. this school of big stripers just left, as fast as they had suddenly appeared. We even tried jigging spoons both up the bank and down the bank, for about 100 yards with absolutely no more bites.
So, as my thoughts read, "My work is done here" we ended our day, complete.
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