Atlantic Ocean Fishing Report 06.25.10

Submitted by Obsession Sportfishing LLC

Submitted on 06/25/2010
We fished with Lou and his friends from PA yesterday. We left the dock at 6:30 am and started out fluking to the south of our inlet.
Our first stop was in 32 feet we made several drifts on a lump there and we only caught skates. We moved up to the reef site and drifted there and caught 2 shorts and one keeper. We did not see much going on around us either. I checked on the cell phone with a few guys fishing and the reports were about the same. Not many fluke bites and few keepers. The drift was about .6 kts in 67-degree water, we were able to hold with 3 to 4 ozs. After drifting here for a while about 10:30 we all talked and decided to head off to the Ridge and try for fluke and if nothing was happening there we may have other opportunities once there.
We began running out and the water temp rose to 73.5 in just a few miles. We made a few drifts up on the ridge and we did not get a single bite. We moved down to the south drop off and made a few drifts without a touch. (it was starting to be like torture) I / we had enough fluking was not meant to be today. Lets get up on the troll and see what we can do. Kenny and I switched things up got the riggers down and put 7 rods out. We went about 50 feet and the short rigger goes off our first bluefish ! We got him to the boat and another 5 or 100 feet and we got another bite. Then they started coming fast doubles triples we could not even get the lures back out without getting a bite. The bluefish were thick at one point we were in the center of ½ mile circle of jumping fish they were everywhere I haven’t seen anything like this before they were chasing sand eels ,google eyes and 4” Mahi the water was clean and 74 degrees. We were casting a jig and getting consistent bites on that too. We worked this for a while and kept catching when we got back on the slicks. After a hour or so things slowed down we moved to an inshore lump we were down to pulling just 4 rods, we started seeing bait readings the bait reading was at 50 feet and started ramping up when it got to 25 feet all four rods went down and Jim cast a jig on a spinning rod and he got bit as well.
It’s amazing how a day of fishing can change in an instant. It turned out to be a fun day and everyone got to see both sides of fishing we finished up with about 45 Bluefish we released some and kept some for Sharking. Hopefully the fluke fishing will improve for us out of Barnegat.
Photos are on the web site.
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