Lake Livingston Fishing Report 02.24.10

Submitted by Dave Cox - Palmetto Guide Service

Submitted on 02/24/2010

Lake Livingston Fishing Report


February 24, 2010

Dave Cox


Trinity River Authority reports a release of 33,900 cfs and a lake level of 131.07. Recent water temperatures around the lake have been checked at 46 - 52 degrees. Lake is returning to normal level after the recent rise. Water remains off color in some places, but should clear up without another rise.
Overall, fishing across the lake has been good in recent days between cold fronts. The White Bass spawn up the river seems to be a little later this year. Lots of White Bass are being caught up the creeks. Most of the fish have been males.
The big news from Lake Livingston is that Robert Laird fishing a Polk County Bass Club Tournament weighed in a new Lake Livingston record Black Bass. The fish weighed 13.18 lbs, surpassing the old record of 12.45 lbs which has held since 1987. The fish has been donated to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Share-A-Lunker program and is the first fish entered from Lake Livingston. There have been numerous 6 - 9 lb Black Bass weighed in recently around the lake.
BEACON BAY MARINA - Good fishing for Catfish on jug-lines baited with fresh shad.
BETHY CREEK MARINA - A few Crappie being caught around the boat stalls. Crappie fishing here should improve with warming weather conditions. Water here is in great shape. A few Catfish are being caught in the river on rod and reels. Black Bass fishing is slow.
BROKEN ARROW MARINA - Water here is in good shape with a temperature around 46 degrees. Crappie being caught 8 - 10 foot deep on minnows before the recent cold front.
BROWDERS MARINA - White Bass were good in the river before the recent high water. Crappie fishing has been good in the flooded willows. Fishing should improve below the dam when water release gets back down to 17,000 cfs. Good fishing for catfish on jugs in the main lake.
COVE MARINA - The water is still a little off color in Carolina Cove, but is improving daily. Good cat fishing on jugs in Carolina Cove A few big catfish has been caught in the river with rod and reel baited with fresh shad. Crappie are starting to show up in the creeks.
GALLOWAYS MARINA - Blue Cats being caught on rod and reel in the river baited with fresh shad. Crappie fishing had been good around the marina and up Caney Creek until the high water and should return with the normal lake level. Some good catches of White Bass has been reported up Caney Creek.
HARMON CREEK MARINA - White Bass fishing has been excellent up Harmon Creek during warming trends. Lots of males being caught with a few big females showing up. Whites are being caught mostly casting in-line spinners and jigs worked slow over sandbars close to the deep holes. Good catfish on jugs baited with fresh shad in the Bois Arcs in Harmon Creek. No report on Black Bass. Some good number of Crappie have been caught on live minnows in the brush.
HARTS CREEK MARINA - Cat fishing has been good from the bank .on rod and reel baited with fresh shad. Cat fishing good on jug-lines baited with shad in the main lake.
HOLIDAY SHORES - Cat fishing good on trotlines baited with shad.
INDIAN CREEK MARINA - Cat fishing has been good on jug-lines baited with fresh shad.
OUTBACK CAMPGROUND AND MARINA - Cat fishing is always good here and have moved up close to the bank. They are being caught on rod and reel baited with shrimp.
PENWAUGH MARINA - Water is a little off color but looks good. Crappie has been caught in the boat stalls by the marina. Some good Black Bass have been caught here recently.
SANDY CREEK MARINA - Good Crappie fishing continues in the boat stalls and trees. The fish are taking minnows at 7 - 8 foot. Catfish are good on jug-lines, and a few White Bass are being caught along with the Crappie.
WHITE ROCK CITY MARINA - Water is clear and looking good. Crappie fishing has been good up the creek in the brush tops.
Dave Cox