Estero Bay Fishing Report 04.26.10

Submitted by Fishbuster Charters

Submitted on 04/26/2010
Tuesday, 4/13, the wind was howling through the tree-lines of Estero Bay, where I fished the backwaters with Richard Kostrcewa and his son, Stephan. We used live shrimp to catch and release nine sheepshead, a mangrove snapper and two crevalle jacks.
Wednesday was another windy morning in Estero Bay, where I fished with long-time customers Ed and Margie Bock. We caught a trio of keeper trout at 16 inches, 17 inches and 19 inches, and we released lots of crevalle jacks.
Monday morning, 4/19, after a Sunday that dumped nearly four inches of rain in our area, I fished in Estero Bay with Don and Rayelynn Welk and nephew, Dillon. We caught four keeper trout to 16 inches and released small sheepshead, crevalle jacks and ladyfish, all caught on shrimp.
Ray Reeber and son, Steve, fished Estero Bay with me on Thursday morning, where we caught eight keeper-sized Spanish mackerel, a keeper mangrove snapper, and two big stingrays. We released four of the mackerel, along with the stingrays.
Tom and Karen Gartland and son, Danny, fished for trout with me in Estero Bay Friday morning, using live shrimp. We caught five keepers to 16 inches and also caught two keeper sheepshead, each 14 inches. We released two Spanish mackerel and some ladyfish.
Monday morning, 4/26, brought some pretty violent thunderstorms for a couple of hours, with rain, winds and high seas persisting even after the worst was over. I remained in port. I did so on Tuesday also, with no trip scheduled, as our peak season draws to a close.
The photo shown at is of young angler, Ben Loverude, with an 18”trout, caught on shrimp on a recent inshore trip.