Estero Bay Fishing Report 10.19.10

Submitted by Fishbuster Charters

Submitted on 10/19/2010
“No oil—No spoil Our Beaches are Clean—Our Waters Pristine”
I fished mostly offshore last week, but I did have a couple of bay trips with a couple of very cool young anglers onboard.
Friday morning, 10/8, I fished in central Estero Bay with Bill and Jenn Beattie and their four-year-old son, Sam. Sam was excited to be on a boat fishing, and he made the most of it—he caught a dozen fish and had a great time. Catches on live shrimp included keeper-sized mangrove snapper and keeper trout to 15 inches, but Sam chose to release them all.
Friday morning, I fished Estero Bay with Joe & Sherry Tomley and their sons, Chris, thirteen, and Eric, ten. The boys were both experienced anglers, having fished the lakes up north, but this was their first time fishing in SW FL. Eric caught a nice 24 ½ inch redfish under the mangroves (see photo.) The family also caught two keeper trout at 16 inches and 16 ½ inches, a 13-inch sheepshead, mangrove snapper, and a 22-inch Spanish mackerel. We released some smaller trout.