Estero Bay Fishing Report 02.07.11

Submitted by Fishbuster Charters

Submitted on 02/07/2011
“No oil—No spoil Our Beaches are Clean—Our Waters Pristine” Saturday, 1/29, I fished the backwaters with Tim Cobb and Ted Shy. Using live shrimp, we caught a 15-inch keeper sheepshead, and released a lot of smaller sheepshead. We also released a 17-inch redfish and three trout that were just short of 15 inches, along with some ladyfish. Monday morning, 1/31, I headed into Estero Bay with Bob Meyer and his brother, Ken. The guys mostly wanted to learn about fishing in the bay but, in the course of doing that, we caught a few fish, of course! We released two 17-inch redfish, a 20-inch snook, and small mangrove snapper and sheepshead. We also caught one 15-inch sheepshead, which the guys kept to eat. Leo Walsh and friends had planned to fish offshore with me on Wednesday morning, but the rough seas made that impossible, and the group decided they’d fish the backwaters instead. We fished central Estero Bay with live shrimp, and caught four silver trout and three whitings. We caught eight sea trout also, but those were all just short of their 15-inch keeper-size and had to be released. I fished offshore quite a bit over the past two weeks also, and those trips are detailed, along with a photo, in the offshore Forum's report.