Lake Lanier Fishing Report 03.06.12

Submitted by Bill Vanderford's Guide Service, Inc.

Submitted on 03/06/2012

It's that "Swirleybird Time" again, so if you want to catch more fish this Spring than you ever have in your life, this is the place:  This may sound like spam, but it's actually what we use and how we fish to catch 40 to 80 Bass per all day trip from now until June. We use different weights and sometimes change the feathered tails for worms or grubs with a circle hook. Also, we're fishing deeper docks right now, but will soon be tageting red clay shorelines in shallower waters. Though the lure and method was perfected 30 years ago on Lake Lanier and the Chattahoochee River, we've found that it works anywhere that bass or other predator fish feed on minnows in less than20 feet of water. It won't work in heavy vegetation or heavy brush, but is good around these structures.