Atlantic Ocean Fishing Report 02.06.12

Submitted by Cortez Yacht Charters

Submitted on 02/06/2012

The Marina El Cid Sportfishing Fleet from Puerto Morelos, continues to produce a wide variety mixed-bag catch for their anglers, week after week, and this week was no different.  The report reflected another 12 specie catch for the boats that fished some 25 days in the area and reflected good action for the anglers that included 2 sailfish, 21 dorado, 38 Atlantic barracuda, 4 Spanish Mackerel, 29 Bonito, 8 blackfin tuna, 1 shark, 4 soapfish, 3 snapper, 5 amberjack, 18 triggerfish and 11 grouper.  There is something exciting and special about fishing in the Caribbean that attracts the anglers from all parts of the globe and especially from the East Coast areas and we believe it is the incredible variety of catch opportunities that begin within a quarter-mile of the entrance to the Marina El Cid.

PM Climate:  Mostly cloudy days with fair mixes of sunshine and comfortable temperatures that ranged from 68 nights to 82 daytime highs.

Sea Conditions:  Favorable water temperatures continue at a stable 81 degrees that stems from the coast line to the offshore waters.  Light surface breezes from 5-15 mph and nearly flat calm season continue to entice the anglers.

Best Bait:  The always available ballyhoo continues to be the bait of choice and is provided on a fresh caught daily basis.
Larry Edwards