Fort Peck Lake


Fort Peck, MT
United States United States
47.7338, -106.8063
Depth (max):
220 Feet
249,240 Acres

Fort Peck Lake is the largest lake in Montana. It was created by the building of Fort Peck Dam, which finished construction in 1940. The dam itself is the largest earth-filled dam in the world, and measures 21,026 feet in length with a maximum height of 250.5 feet. Fort Peck Lake is 134 miles long, has 1520 miles of shoreline, and has a maximum depth of 220 feet. The entire lake also lies within the massive Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge.

Fort Peck Dam is located in the small town of Fort Peck, Montana. Fort Peck Dam was authorized in 1933, as part of the public building boom that occurred during the Great Depression years. During the construction phase, the town of Fort Peck was a bona fide boom town, as thousands of workers were involved in creating the dam. Additionally, not only did they build this huge dam, they also built a recreation area around the dam. This recreation area consists of several nice campgrounds, some smaller ponds, day use areas, and interpretative sites.

Fort Peck Lake is located in one of the remotest area of Montana. Glasgow is the nearest major town to Fort Peck Dam and the small town of Fort Peck. But beyond the dam itself, huge expanses of the shoreline of Fort Peck Lake is located in, quite simply, the absolute middle of no-where. Yet, at the same time, that isolation on Fort Peck Lake is what makes it such a neat place to visit. Numerous back roads head off into the wilds of the area, allowing the truly adventurous travelers to see some really remote and seldom visited areas of Montana.

Trees are in very short supply around Fort Peck Lake. Indeed, except for a very tiny part of the lakes shoreline (one of my "secret" camp sites that shall remain nameless), the lake itself virtually is treeless once you step away from the town of Fort Peck and the various developments around the dam. Instead of trees, the terrain consists of grassy hills, bluffs and buttes.

Fort Peck Lake is known throughout Montana for its walleye fishing. Each year the Governor’s Cup is held at Fort Peck Lake, which attracts anglers from all over the place in search of large walleye. To fish Fort Peck Lake really requires a boat, preferably once with a powerful motor. A powerful motor – and stable boat – is needed on the lake not only because the lake is so large but also because the lake can be, at times, very windy. The wind can create some very sizable waves on the lake at times – waves which are large enough to capsize smaller boats.

The lake boasts a large variety of fish.

Smallmouth bass, walleye, sauger, northern pike, freshwater drum, channel catfish, lake trout, ling, perch or crappie may appear at the end of any cast.

Fort Peck is the source of the world record Saugeye and Sauger as well as the state record Walleye and Smallmouth Bass.


Fish taken during ice fishing season are usually at their heaviest as they are preparing to spawn. The same fish after the spawn will not weigh as much. Lake trout fishing is usually very good right after ice out, when they can be caught on deep diving crankbaits.

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Fishing Reports

Fort Peck Lake Fishing Report 07.29.10

Fishing out of Hell Creek Bay is still good on Fort Peck. We have experienced a very cool summer so far, coupled with high inflows of water raising the water level of our lake our fish are still very active. We are catching a lot of northern pike and small mouth bass. Weather patterns effect our walleye catching day to day. Some days are better than others but the best day to go fishing is the day you can get here. Call 406-557-2503 to reserve one of our guides and please give us as much n...

Fort Peck Lake Fishing Report 06.11.10

We have endured a lot of rain and wind, but the fishing has been great. The past couple of weeks have produced many trophy walleye as well as a limit of good eaters, 14-20" long. We're jigging for them with Berkley Gulp minnows and live bait. To see video, pictures and current updates visit us on our website: or join us on facebook at: Sorry I haven't figured out...

Fort Peck Lake Fishing Report 06.10.10

Mary Beth's Fishing Report:       June 8, 2010   We are full force into the busy time of the year and the walleye fishing has been great. Using jigs of many colors tipped with Gulp minnows or real live bait minnows, our guides have been bringing in some impressive walleye.   We've had several 29, 30 and 31" walleye come in the boats as well as limiting on the smaller walleye that are so good to eat. We encourage our guests to either mount a trophy...
Trophy Fishing Marvin & Connie Loomis
almost 7 years ago (06/02/2010)

Fort Peck Lake Fishing Report 06.02.10

Hi,   From the beautiful Fort Peck Lake and Trophy Fishing.   We are still getting late afternoon thunder showers. But the fishing has been really good.   If you would like to fish with us you can e-mail us Or call 406-557-2787 or 406-557-2224, leave a message.   Hope you have happy fishing. Connie        ...
almost 7 years ago (05/27/2010)

Fort Peck Lake Fishing Report 05.27.10

Hi, from Trophy Fishing on the fort peck lake, Jordan, Montana     We have been getting rain and wind, making for tough fishing.   Did catch some nice fish on Monday in the rain, We got 2 ½ inches rain that day.   The lake level is really rising, with the local rains.   We look for some really good fish when this weather breaks.   We still have some openings for the house boats packages or day trips, you can   Look us up on the...

Fort Peck Lake Fishing Report 05.26.10

Mary Beth Kibler         Mary Beth's Fishing Report:     We just had several days of cold temperatures, wind and 2 ¼” of rain. We rescheduled two groups because we just didn’t feel they had a good opportunity for fishing success in the miserable weather.     Thursday the water temperature at Timber Creek was 61 degrees. The cold front and wind came through and cooled it down to 53. Hell Creek Bay is still at 48 &n...
Trophy Fishing Marvin & Connie Loomis
about 7 years ago (05/18/2010)

Fort Peck Lake Fishing Report 05.18.10

Hi, from Marvin & Connie Loomis on the Fort Peck Lake     The weather has finally warmed up and fishing is too.   We had a great week end, caught and released two 9 lb walleye,   And they brought in their limit of eater walleye.   We are catching smaller size northern, mostly in the 3-5 lb range, and releasing them. Let them grow up a little.   We are seeing lots of baby northern pike, about 4 inches long around the shade of our house boa...
Mary Beth Kibler
over 8 years ago (01/14/2009)

Fort Peck Lake Fishing Report 01.14.09

January 11, 2009 The ice fishing season is well underway! On Fort Peck Res. we have safe ice of 18”- 20’ on the main lake and much thicker in Hell Creek Bay. Tiffany Thomas of Hell Creek Marina caught and released a 12 ½# Walleye on Christmas day, but outdid herself on Jan.8 by catching a 14# walleye. This one will go to the taxidermist! Robert Smotherman caught a 12 ½# walleye on the 8th too. Check out the new pictures of these beauties! Several northern pike and a few lake trout...



Bass, Largemouth (Micropterus salmoides)


Bass, Smallmouth (Micropterus dolomieu)


Burbot (Lota lota)


Crappie, Black (Pomoxis nigromaculatus)


Drum, Freshwater (Aplodinotus grunniens)


Northern Pike (Esox lucius)


Perch, Yellow (Perca flavescens)


Salmon, Chinook (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)


Sauger (Stizostedion canadense)


Saugeye (Sauger/Walleye Hybrid (Scientific Name N/A))


Trout, Lake (Salvelinus namaycush)


Trout, Steelhead (Rainbow) (Oncorhynchus mykiss)


Walleye (Stizostedion vitreum)




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Fort Peck Lake is the home water of Montana's state record walleye, the world record saugeye and the co-world-record sauger. It also produces big, burly smallmouth bass, hefty lake trout, big n...
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This year, take the unique opportunity to fish with current World Saugeye Record Holder Myron Kibler, his wife Mary Beth, or any one of our other Kibler Outfitting & Charter Fishing professional gui...
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