Happy Holler Lake


Rosendale, MO
United States United States
40.0174, -94.7444
62 Acres

Happy Holler Conservation Area is composed of 3 tracts with the main entrance 4 miles east of Savannah on Route E, then 6 miles north off Route D.

Since opening on March 1, 2001, this 62-acre lake has seen very intense fishing pressure. Late spring, 2001, sampling already suggested a significant decline in largemouth bass size and numbers. Fishing pressure over the summer remained heavy and reports of anglers taking limits of bass were common. Spring sampling during May 2002 should more accurately assess the impacts of the opening year harvest. However, redear sunfish can still bring some exciting fishing as many at 8-10+ inch fish remain in the lake. Try fishing in woody or vegetated cover in shallow water, especially in May and June with worms or crickets. Black bullhead fishing also should be good on the west banks and along the spillway. Channel catfish should provide very good fishing with many fish in the 16 to 20 inch range and larger catches are expected. Fishing for bluegill should remain fair to good, some reaching 8 inches. Fishing from the docks and jetties produced many stringer-fulls of panfish. The main entrance to the north is an asphalt roadway and has most of the public facilities. A 50-space parking lot with an additional eight disabled accessible spaces are present. A disabled accessible double boat ramp, courtesy dock, covered fishing dock, two privies and an accessible fishing jetty are additional features of the site.


Docks, rock jetties, woody or vegetated cover in shallow water, dam basin, numerous brush piles, standing timber.


Crappie remains the fish of choice for most anglers heading for this Andrew County lake. Stringers of crappie in the 9"-12" range can be found hidden along the dam and rock jetties. This lake is far enough north that during most winters there is enough ice to find crappie among the numerous brush piles. Redear sunfish is another panfish that might draw an angler’s interest. Although difficult to catch, the use of small worms or crickets in the shallows in late spring and early summer can reward you with 10"+ fish. Bluegill are common in the 6"-8" size range. They can be found near the habitat enhancement enclosures and off the dam. The dock and shoreline areas are fished heavily but the use of a boat will get you back into the standing timber and virtual isolation. Largemouth bass sizes continue to fall short of the 18" length limit. Fish the standing timber to entice the bite of one of the few legal fish in the lake. Channel catfish continue to be stocked and are readily caught off the rock jetties. This lake continues to be a solid performer in both the size and number of fish available.

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Bass, Largemouth (Micropterus salmoides)


Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus)


Bullhead, Black (Ameiurus melas)


Crappie, Black (Pomoxis nigromaculatus)


Crappie, White (Pomoxis annularis)


Sunfish, Redear (Lepomis microlophus)



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