Homosassa River


Homosassa, FL
United States United States
28.785, -82.6367
9 Miles

The Homosassa River is another of the spring-fed rivers within the Springs Coast Watershed. The headwater springs of the Homosassa River are home to both freshwater and saltwater fish. This phenomenon is possible because the mineral content in the spring water resembles minerals found in salt water. The similar mineral content and some fishes' ability to tolerate broad changes in salinity allows some species of saltwater fish to live in these freshwater habitats. The freshwater fish you'll find in the Homosassa River include bream, largemouth bass and gar. Some of the saltwater species you'll see include jacks, mullet, sheepshead and snook. The area now known as Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park has been a tourist attraction since the early 1900s. Back then, trains used to stop to let rail passengers rest at the springs while the train was loaded with fish, crabs, cedar and spring water. Today, Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park is owned by the state and managed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The park offers educational programs for kids and adults every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Because the park serves as a rehabilitation center and refuge for endangered manatees that have been orphaned or injured in the wild, these marine mammals can be seen year-round at Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park. The park has an underwater observatory that allows visitors to come nose to nose with these manatees. For their protection, the park does not allow swimming with the manatees. These animals would not recover as quickly and might lose their fear of humans, placing them at risk once they are returned to the wild.

The Homosassa River is a comparatively narrow and shallow waterway.The rivers headwaters start and flow from several springs that produce millions of gallons of fresh spring water every hour. Fishing abounds in the Homosassa and Halls rivers and much of the local economy continues to be supported by the fishing industry. Both commercial and recreational fishing is popular in the area and a number of service businesses continue to support the endeavor.

Shrimp boats and crabbers still dock their vessels at several commercial docks in Homosassa and fresh seafood is available from several fish houses.Hell's Gate, a narrow bottleneck in the channel, is a navigation difficulty that only experienced captains in the area care to guide a large boat through.

The nature of the river, with its winding channels and unforgiving oyster bars and rock beds, drives many larger boats to deeper rivers. By following channel markers the adventurous fishermen can navigate the channel with care

The Homosassa River continues to supply some of the best fishing for both salt and fresh water species, especially in winter.

The Homosassa River is 9 miles long.


The nature of the river, with its winding channels and unforgiving oyster bars and rock beds, makes for great fishing.

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Boat Ramp, Parking (car/truck), Parking (boat/trailer), Picnic Area, Power Boats Allowed, Pier, Shore fishing access, Playground, Restrooms, Wading
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Fishing Reports

Capt. Keith Tomlinson
over 4 years ago (01/15/2013)

Homosassa River Fishing Report 01.15.13

January fishing has been fantastic. We are catching limits of trout, nice red fish, black drum, sheep head, and spanish mackerel. The weather has been great and the rods continue to BEND. Book your trip now to experience this area of the Nature Coast! Capt. Keith Tomlinson Bulldog Fishin Charters www.bulldogfishin.com (352)238-3581...

Homosassa River Fishing Report 08.14.12

Homosassa Scalloping Report Date: August 12, 2012 Homosassa Scalloping!!! Homosassa continues to be the “Scallop Capital of the World”, with limits being bought back to the docks on most charters. Not only are the scallops plentiful but they are the largest anyone can remember! As everything is magnified under the water some of the scallops look the size of basketballs as you’re swimming towards them. It’s not uncommon to get four or five scallops in one...
almost 5 years ago (07/11/2012)

Homosassa River Fishing Report 07.11.12

With most of the country locked into a stifling heat wave, here along the Nature Coast we are being spoiled with Extremely Hot Fishing Action to go along with our beautiful summer weather. Although most of our daily temps are in the upper 80's to low 90's we are still able to combat the heat in many different ways. I for one love early mornings and there is no better bonus to an early morning start than watching the sun rise over our beautiful mangrove shorelines. Plus keep in mind...

Homosassa River Fishing Report 06.05.12

        Summer in the Old City! Report Date: May 30, 2012 Fishing in Homosassa in the summer is a plethora of opportunities. With Summer-time tides, gin clear waters and usually beautiful weather, (minus Beryl); it’s a great time to experience some of the best fishing of the year. Tarpon Fever hasofficially taken over h...

Homosassa River Fishing Report 05.10.12

Hot Homosassa Fishing! Which is hotter, the weather or the fishing? The wind is finally subsiding, some days it’s been as flat calm as a mirror on the Gulf waters and we recently have seen the water temperature rise to 80 degrees. Are these the first signs of summer? Never the less the fishing continues to be HOT! The fish continue to feed aggressively and it’s not uncommon to catch Redfish, Trout, Black Drum, Sharks, Sea Bass, Pompano, Flounder, Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel...

Homosassa River Fishing Report 04.16.12

Report Date: April 15, 2012 After 6 acrobatic jumps this 80+lb Spinner Shark was released to fight another day. You just have to love April along the Nature Coast. Blue skies, cool mornings, mild temperatures, and some of the best fishing the Nature Coast will see all year occurs during the month of April. Historically, April is the catalyst month for the start of the Nature Coast fishing season. Now don’t ge...

Homosassa River Fishing Report 04.02.12

This is the time of the year that everyone around Florida's Nature Coast gets excited about, the weather is Chamber of Commerce beautiful; the East winds should finally subside and we are returning to summer time tides. Plus the Gulf water temperature has reached the magical number of 70 degrees! The bite is on! The Speckled Trout are eating almost anything thrown in front of them, try west of the Bird Rack on an outgoing tide or Chassahowitzka Point to the south on the incoming tide. M...

Homosassa River Fishing Report 02.27.12

Report Date: February 27, 2012 Beautiful Morning!!! As you can imagine it has been quite the disappointing winter here in Florida. For the last 3 weeks we Floridians have been forced to wear shorts outdoors everyday, watch our poor winter jackets still collecting dust and to make matters worse we’ve been forced to constantly apply Sunscreen day after day because the sun just doesn’t want to go away. As...

Homosassa River Fishing Report 02.21.12

Report Date: February 21, 2012 “Spring into Homosassa Fishing” After the last few winters, we’ve experienced a rather mild winter this year here in Old Homosassa. Which has resulted in some exciting fishing reports for this early in the season. The Gulf water temperatures are around the 60 degree mark and the fish seem to know the arrival of spring is not far away. The Sheepshead have already spawned and are feeding like crazy. The Spanish Mackerel are early an...

Homosassa River Fishing Report 12.22.11

Feliz Navidad from Old Homosassa! We’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday Season and all the Best Wishes/Catches for 2012! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year; wow did that year just whip by? Is it me or does each year go faster as we age? 2011 has been very kind to us and we’ve experienced all sorts of wonderful events and occasions over the last 12 months. Special thanks to everyone that fished and scalloped with us this past year, you&r...

Homosassa River Fishing Report 12.01.11

Report Date: November  2011 Here is another beautiful Ol' Florida Redfish! The season has come and to all those that have waited, the refreshing air from the north has finally shuttled in a few changes here along the Nature Coast. As you step out the door this morning you will probably realize that the dog days of summer are long gone along with all of the humidity that comes with it. Cooler mornings are t...

Homosassa River Fishing Report 11.23.11

Report Date: November 22, 2011 Happy Fishing in Old Homosassa!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all, enjoy the time with your family and friends, and please save some pie for me! Special thanks to everyone that fished and scalloped with us this past year, you’ve made this our most memorable and rewarding season yet! We hope to see you all again next year and don’t forget to book your Scallop charters and hotel rooms early as that is o...
Red Hot Fishing Charters
over 5 years ago (10/20/2011)

Homosassa River Fishing Report 10.20.11

Well despite this most recent blast of rainy cooler weather the month of October is shaping up to be one of the more comfortable and productive months we've fished this year. With most days featuring a lower humidity and highs in the low 80's life is good when you're catching a ton of fish and not even breaking a sweat doing it.       As great as the weather has been the fishing has been even better. With great opportunities to catch Speckled Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Sha...
almost 6 years ago (07/27/2011)

Homosassa River Fishing Report 07.27.11

Sorry Everybody Red Hot Fishing Charters will be fishing in Alaska from July 26th through August 4th. Currently, I am still booking for the months of August and September and I still have plenty of days available. If you're interested in booking a trip during this time frame please feel free to leave me an email or a voicemail and I will gladly respond daily or by August 4th.     Until then I wish everyone tight lines and memorable fishing fights   Capt. Kyle Messier...
Red Hot Fishing Charters
over 6 years ago (01/19/2011)

Homosassa River Fishing Report 01.19.11

  You just have to love Florida weather in January!!! Of all the states in the Continental US, Florida appears to be the only state that has yet to see any snow. Luckily for us we have already seen some cooler weather this year but still a majority of our days have found temperatures remaining in the high 60’s low 70’s making for very comfortable fishing conditions. Although our weather has been pleasant, the constant ups and downs of the weather has triggered many game fish to act...
Captain "Z" Fishing Guide ( Captain Mark Zorn)
over 6 years ago (08/30/2010)

Homosassa River Fishing Report 08.30.10

 From the middle of July up until now,  scalloping in Homosassa has been fantastic ! 2010 has proven to be a great year for scalloping with limits on just about every trip. If you didn't get your boat limit, it wasn't because the scallops weren't there for the taking.   The only unknown factor with scalloping this year was that you didn't know how long it might take to gather your limit. Depending on the number of people in the water, their snorkeling capabilities and the...

Homosassa River Fishing Report 06.30.10

Captain William Toney and myself met our clients at the Tarpon Key Lodge at the mouth of the beautiful Homosassa River. This lodge is a one of a kind place to stay on the Homosassa River. It's a self-contained private island that is only accessible by boat. A great place to just get away and the perfect place to plan a fantastic fishing vacation.     Jay, Gary, John and Steve were visiting Crystal River to enjoy some great fishing and just have a good time. They were lucky enou...
almost 7 years ago (06/29/2010)

Homosassa River Fishing Report 06.29.10

  Wow!! What an unbelievable last couple of weeks in the world of fishing off of Crystal River and Homosassa. World Records have been broken, huge schools of Redfish have showed up early on many of the local flats, the Tripletail have finally showed up along the Nature Coast and the shallow water rocks, wrecks and reefs have become invaded by hungry Grouper, Cobia and Spanish Mackerel. With all of this going on at once it has been extremely difficult and painstakingly fun to put toge...
Capt. Mike Locklear
about 7 years ago (03/24/2010)

Homosassa River Fishing Report 03.24.10

Saltwater Fishing Report on the Gulf of mexico   The temperatrures are to reach 80 degrees over land. 60 is the high today on the gulf. The gulf water on Tuesday was 59 degrees at the mouth of the Homosassa River.   This time last year and the year before catching your limit of trout was easy. Everyone are having to "scrap" out enough for a nice mess to take home. From what I have heard from the other guides, a live bait under a cork was the ticket as both soft and...
Red Hot Fishing Charters Capt. Kyle Messier
about 7 years ago (02/12/2010)

Homosassa River Fishing Report 02.12.10

February Fish ON!! Report Date: February 12, 2010 When thinking of February most people seem to think it is either to cold, windy or the fish just don’t bite in February. Well let me tell you that this idea is way off base and far from the truth. February was actually the best month of 2009 for BIG Trophy Redfish, Black Drum and Sheephead. Is this always the case NO! but 2009 just goes to show you that you always have to expect the unexpected when fishing the Nature Coast. Luke and...
Capt. Kyle Messier Red Hot Fishing Charters
over 7 years ago (01/11/2010)

Homosassa River Fishing Report 01.11.10

Fishing Charters     Don't let the Cold Weather scare you!! Report Date: January 10, 2010 Checkout Brandon Branch holding up this Crystal River Snook that is almost as long as he is!! Although this is a tough time of year for most fishing styles now is prime time to target tailing Redfish and massive schools of Sheephead. With colder water temps most Redfish seek shallower areas of grass which warms faster with the hot Florida sun. When chasing tailing Reds I prefer...
Capt. Mike Locklear's Adventures
over 7 years ago (10/14/2009)

Homosassa River Fishing Report 10.14.09

For five generations my family has called Homosassa home. Our fishing guides here mostly are from the same kind of raising, that there Daddy and Grandfathers made their living here guiding and commercial fishing. I have watched it grow and have made new friends from New York to Washington State. You can not go wrong with coming here for your vacations to relax and enjoy some fishing or golfing. Our golf courses here are many and some the best in the country. Most guides have written about...
K5 Fishing Charters
over 7 years ago (10/07/2009)

Homosassa River Fishing Report 10.07.09

The Shallow water grouper fishing has turned on and the fishing is good. The grouper and snapper have moved back into the shallow waters off Homosassa and Crystal River, October and November are when they usually make there way back into the shallow. I enjoy cut and live bait but this time of year but it is also good for pulling short-lipped plugs over the shallow water rocks and wrecks off Homosassa and Crystal River. The Redfish have schooled up and are feeding north of Yankeetown near t...



Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix)


Drum, Red (Saltwater) (Sciaenops ocellatus)


Grouper, Gag (Mycteroperca microlepis)


Mackerel, Spanish (Scomberomorous maculatus)


Snook (Centropomus undecimalis)


Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus)


Trout, Speckled (Cynoscion nebulosus)




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Crystal River, FL, United States United States

Capt. Mike Locklear

Sight or drift fish Homosassa, Florida for Giant Tarpon, redfish, spotted seatrout, grouper and cobia. Light tackle, Fly or spinfishing. Up to 4 anglers per boat. Access to 20 guide boats.
Homosassa, FL, United States United States

Cherokee Winds Fishing Guide

Homosassa Springs is on the Gulf of Mexico near Crystal River about 70 miles North of Tampa..Fl. Some of the best Redfish around. I fish the Flats & Backwater of Homosassa & Crystal River.
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A fishing experience to be remembered! Fish from a 24' open Fisherman in the pristine waters of Crystal River's flats and bays for Redfish, Speckled trout, Mackerel, Cobia, Sheepshead and others wit...
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K5 Fishing Charters Offers professional charter and guide services for Crystal River and Homosassa, Florida. We provide everything for a fishing charter including fishing licenses, rods & reels, bai...
Crystal River, FL, United States United States

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We are a first class fishing charter and adventure service business, specializing in full day and half day fishing charters to full service, all-inclusive lodge vacations on the Homosassa, Chassahow...
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Red Hot Fishing Charters specializes in inshore light tackle fishing for Redfish, Speckled Trout, Cobia, Sharks, Tarpon and Grouper. However, during any charter over 20 different species can be tar...
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Reel Burns Charters

4th generation Florida native. Fished the area waters over 30 years. Light tackle and fly fishing, for reds, trout, macks, shark, etc. Unforgettable scallop trips. And awesome bluegill fly fishing i...
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Southern Fishing Guide Service

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