Lake Clinch


Frostproof, FL
United States United States
27.7382, -81.5505
1,207 Acres

Clinch Lake is one of Central Florida's premier

lakes for water sports and fishing. The water is clean and clear

and is excellent for swimming & skiing. Sandy beach allows for

watersport activities.Lake Clinch Park: boat ramp fishing, Swimming, water-skiing. Lake Clinch is a 1,207 acre lake.

Lake Notes: Specializing in Largemouth Bass, Bluegill and Black Crappie.

Frostproof Florida is one of the Oldest Settlements in Polk County. Frostproof began its roots in the 1800's, and to some, the town was known as Keystone City, but the name was rejected by the Post Office Department because it might be confused with another town called Keystone Heights near Jacksonville Florida. The Section on the north shore of Clinch Lake was originally known as Fort Clinch, and established during the Indian Wars in 1850. It was established by General Twiggs along with Fort Arbuckle and several others in an attempt to form a defense line from Ft. Meade to the Atlantic Ocean, and was named after General Duncan C. Clinch. Fort Clinch was established on Jan. 13, 1850 and the troops were withdrawn on Jun 8, 1850. The city received the official name of Lakemont in 1898, and in 1906 was officially changed to Frostproof. Frostproof Florida and its rural settings is a small friendly quiet city, which is nestled between two large lakes, Lake Clinch And Lake Reedy. There is also numerous small lakes and creeks in and surrounding Frostproof Florida. Some of the best fishing can be found in Frostproof and the surrounding areas. With all the numerous lakes, forest and creeks in the area of Frostproof, it provides residents and visitors with world class fishing, hunting, canoeing, water sports, and relaxation. As Frostproof is centrally located in Florida you can travel to either coast, or to the many attractions offered throughout the state in a mater of hours or less. Citrus is the major industry in Frostproof Florida.

Spot Access:
Boat Ramp, Parking (car/truck), Parking (boat/trailer), Picnic Area, Power Boats Allowed, Swimming Area, Pier, Shore fishing access
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Bass, Largemouth (Micropterus salmoides)


Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus)


Crappie, Black (Pomoxis nigromaculatus)



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