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Wausau, WI
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44.9083, -89.633

'Angler's Paradise' seems so cliche but we do have large rivers, quiet lakes, and fast moving creeks and streams. There's a lot more water than you might think in Wausau/Central Wisconsin. Choose from the winding Wisconsin River or one of its tributaries like the Eau Claire River, Rib River, or Big Eau Pleine Reservoir. The Wisconsin River widens in several places to create Lake Wausau, Half Moon Lake in Mosinee, and Lake DuBay. In addition to the Plover River, there are several small lakes east of the Wausau area including Mission Lake, Pike Lake, and Big Bass Lake. As you can see, there's a lot of great fishing to be had in the Wausau Area!

Aquatic vegetation:

A variety of shallow vegetation including milfoil, coontail, and lily pads.


Vegetation ranging from shallow "slop" to weed edges ending in 5-8 FOW; some timber and stumps, especially along the shoreline; boat docks and lifts; rip-rap; sandbars


Visit for current fishing reports or to contact the areas finest local guides at Wisconsin Angling Adventures.

Spot Access:
Boat Ramp, Parking (car/truck), Parking (boat/trailer), Picnic Area, Power Boats Allowed, Swimming Area, Pier, Disabled access, Cartop boat launching area, Shore fishing access, Urban fishing area, Playground, Fly Fishing, Floating
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Fishing Reports

almost 7 years ago (07/19/2010)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 07.19.10

Recent high water has made fishing locally on the Wisconsin River system a bit more of a challenge in the past week, but water clarity and levels are quickly returning to normal. The increased flow, while offering some navigation and presentation challenges to anglers, has also helped locate numbers of fish in predictable areas. As top of the line predators, the muskies have been active, taking advantage of the current breaks to funnel prey for them to ambush. Large rubber or hybrid jerkbai...
Joel DeBoer
almost 7 years ago (06/28/2010)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 06.28.10

Smallmouth bass fishing has been solid on the Wisconsin River system, with fish using predictable hard-bottomed current break areas with the increased flow of late. Lipless crankbaits and topwaters have worked well recently, as well as plastics such as the Mister Twister 4” FAT Tube or size 3 in-line spinners like the Mepps Aglia and Black Fury. Fair numbers of fish are also being caught by flipping and pitching shoreline cover, especially during the mid-day hours, such as docks, downed tre...
about 7 years ago (05/18/2010)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 05.18.10

With the progression of spring, local waterways have come to life. Geese and their goslings can be seen exploring shallow bays and shorelines, Painted and Snapping Turtles are sunbathing on logs, and Great Blue Herons are busy patrolling back bays and marshes. In addition, a myriad of fish species have become more active as seasonal temperatures have returned. The earlier cool weather this month has kept surface temperatures in check, and subsequently, there are numbers of b...
about 7 years ago (05/10/2010)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 05.10.10

While spring got quite an early start her e in North-Central Wisconsin this year, recent cold temperatures including a couple of inches of snow over the weekend have dropped water temperatures quite a bit and slowed the fishing a tad. That being said, there are still good numbers of fish shallow, with activity increasing throughout the day as the sun brings the water temps back in line, fish have just been more scattered the past few days. Both bluegills and crappies are available up s...
Joel DeBoer
almost 8 years ago (07/27/2009)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 07.27.09

Cooler than average temperatures have made for some comfortable fishing conditions and the bite around the greater Wausau area continues to be solid. Some very nice walleyes have been caught and released within the past week by anglers targeting deep current breaks, such as those found near bridges, neck-down areas, and even below dams. Large live bait offerings have been producing the best, either presented on jigs or on a slip-sinker style rig. The channel catfish bite has seemed to contin...
Joel DeBoer
almost 8 years ago (05/27/2009)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 05.27.09

The recent weather has been quite enjoyable in North-Central Wisconsin lately, with the exception of rain the past 2 days, and the fihsing has been very good! At present, a wide variety of species are providing excellent action in the greater Wausau area including panfish, bass, walleyes, and muskies just to name a few.Panfish anglers are having abundant opportunities to score on good catches of bluegills, as large numbers of spawning fish are currently accessible shallow; a few bonus crappies...
Joel DeBoer
about 8 years ago (05/11/2009)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 05.11.09

Smallmouth bass action continues to be excellent in the greater Wausau area as large numbers of fish are transitioning into spawning mode. Numerous fish into the low 20” range have already been caught and released on the Wisconsin River this year. Key on shallower hard-bottomed areas and explore them with lipless crankbaits or in-line spinners until fish holding sections of shoreline are located. Fan casting rockier hard-bottomed shorelines with small spinner baits such as Mini Slopmasters in...
Todd Bohm
about 8 years ago (04/29/2009)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 04.29.09

Spring has arrived in Central Wisconsin, and the fishing has been awesome! With the opening of the general inland fishing season this weekend, anglers will be out in full force. Recent heavy rainfall in our area has been filling several area low reservoirs and raising water levels on local rivers. As the walleye spawn has finished on local rivers, anglers have reported fast action on post spawn fish. Fish are being caught using traditional jig and minnow or floating jigheads tipped with a...
Joel DeBoer
about 8 years ago (04/14/2009)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 04.14.09

Beautiful spring weather has water temperatures currently in the mid-forty degree range or warmer throughout most of the area, and as a result, the fish activity has been excellent. The walleye activity has been ever-increasing with the arrival of spawning time, and anglers are continuing to catch numbers of fish including some heavy egg-laden female specimens. Jigs tipped with fatheads or Mr. Twister tails and retrieved just over the bottom are accounting for the majority of the action. Br...
Joel DeBoer
about 8 years ago (04/02/2009)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 04.02.09

Recent rainfall has made any remaining ice in the Wausau/CentralWisconsin area unsafe for fishing. The rain has, however, opened themajority of the boat landings along the Wisconsin River and it’sflowages including Lakes DuBay and Wausau. Anglers are finding the curefor cabin fever by cashing in on the areas excellent walleye fishing,both from shore and boat. The Wausau/Central Wisconsin area continuesto produce some of the finest walleye opportunities both in respect toaction and trophy p...
Todd Bohm
about 8 years ago (03/17/2009)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 03.17.09

Geese, Sandhill cranes, and gobbling Tom turkeys are sure signs that spring has arrived. With temperatures this past weekend into the mid 50's, the already good fishing experienced by anglers this winter has turned "hot".Anglers have a multitude of choices to make as late season icefishing continues to be very productive while open water anglers are finding access below several area dams.Crappie action continues to be excellent with anglers reporting steady action. Crappies that ha...
Joel DeBoer
about 8 years ago (03/04/2009)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 03.04.09

Recent flurries of activity from large numbers of bluegills and crappies, including some impressive specimens, have kept anglers in the Wausau/Central Wisconsin area busy of late. Fishing tip-downs baited with crappie minnows has remained the most consistent produce of slab crappies. Anglers have been finding fish as shallow as 7’-8’, although be prepared to search for suspended fish out to depths exceeding 20’. The schools of crappies should also be worked thoroughly with light jigging...
Joel DeBoer
about 8 years ago (02/24/2009)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 02.24.09

Fishing is very good in the Wausau/Central Wisconsin area, and with warmer weather on the horizon, the action will only continue to get better! Great time of year to get out on the ice.The walleye bite has truly been "on fire" in the Wausau/Central Wisconsin area. Anglers are catching and releasing many slot fish (20-28 inches). The walleyes are still associating with various structural elements including sunken wood and green weeds. The best depths for the walleyes has been from 5-1...
Joel DeBoer
over 8 years ago (02/05/2009)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 02.05.09

The walleye bite has picked back up in the past week or two and remains solid during the low-light and nighttime periods. Frabill tip-ups baited with large golden shiners or sucker minnows are a good bet - leave the "small" bait at the bait shop. Look for mid-lake humps, large points extending into deeper water, and channel irregularities in the lakes and reservoirs to be holding fish; begin by working the sharper breaks, especially those adjacent to the deepest water during the day....
Joel DeBoer
over 8 years ago (01/21/2009)

Lake Wausau Fishing Report 01.21.09

With the arctic blast behind us, at least for now, Wausau area lakes and rivers have again been quite productive as of late. Bluegill and crappies action has picked up steadily in the past week or so. Shallower bays or backwater areas containing wood and/or green weeds have been good choices; look for water depths of 5-8 feet and begin your search there. Small jigs in orange, gold, or glow patterns tipped with waxies have been producing fish on a regular basis. Tip-downs or slip bobber rig...



Bass, Largemouth (Micropterus salmoides)


Bass, Smallmouth (Micropterus dolomieu)


Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus)


Crappie, Black (Pomoxis nigromaculatus)


Muskellunge (Esox masquinongy)


Muskellunge, Tiger (Esox masquinongy cross Esox lucius)


Northern Pike (Esox lucius)


Sturgeon, Lake (Acipenser fulvescens)


Walleye (Stizostedion vitreum)




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