Little Camas Reservoir


Mountain Home, ID
United States United States
43.3599, -115.3897
1,250 Acres

Take Highway 20 east from Mountain Home and turn north on Forest Road 160. There is a Forest Service boat dock at the north end of the reservoir.Little Camas is like many reservoirs across southern Idaho — it has its good years as well as bad, according to the whims of the weather gods.

But regardless of how much snow winter brings, there's almost always a reservoir available for some spring fishing, and you will probably find them.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game stocked it with nearly 200,000 trout ranging from fingerlings to “catchables” in the 8- to 12-inch range.

Little Camas will continue to produce good trout fishing this spring. It has lots of rainbows, and water conditions should be good in the high-desert reservoir until mid-summer when the levels drop, the water warms, and algae blooms make fishing difficult.

Most of the western shoreline has dispersed camping. There are a couple of outhouses along the reservoir, but no other services. Take water and pack out what you pack in because there is no garbage service.

Little Camas is at about 5,000 feet in elevation, so expect some cold nights and don't be surprised by spring snowstorms. High winds are likely, and if you want to have a campfire, take your own wood.

There's also camping and cabins available at Fort Running Bear, a private operation near the reservoir.


Little Camas is an equal opportunity reservoir. Bank anglers, boat trollers and fly anglers in float tubes are all likely to catch some trout from the reservoir.

• Bait fishing: There's nothing fancy about catching fish from shore. Bait a hook with a worm and toss it out there and wait. You might add a small marshmallow to keep it off the bottom.

Trout tend to cruise the shoreline in the early season because the shallow water warms faster than the middle of the reservoir, and there's more food near shore. If you see fish rising to the surface, try dangling a piece of worm about 2 feet beneath a bobber.

• Trolling: Little Camas is a good size for trolling small boats with electric motors or small outboards, or even paddling a canoe, kayak or similar craft.

There's no secret lure for Little Camas, at least that I am aware of. Trolling gear with a wedding ring and worm will likely attract some fish.

If you don't want to troll heavy hardware, try a Rooster Tail, Panther Martin or Mepps spinner. Dark colors are good starting points. Experiment and see what catches fish.

A small Rapala or Flatfish is another option for trollers. The lures have a lot of action and can sometimes elicit violent strikes from trout.

• Fly fishing: The depth and presentation often is more critical than what fly you use,

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