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The Magalloway River is a river in northwestern Maine and northern New Hampshire in the United States. It is a tributary of the Androscoggin River, which flows to the Kennebec River at Merrymeeting Bay in Maine, near the Atlantic Ocean. The total length of the river is 30 miles (48.3 km), or 48 miles (77.3 km) if the distances across intervening lakes are included.

The Magalloway River rises near the extreme northwestern corner of Maine, at the juncture of the West Branch and the Second East Branch of the Magalloway. The river flows south through logging country to 2.5-mile-long Parmachenee Lake, then descends for another 2.6 miles to the 15-mile-long Aziscohos Lake. Below the lake dam, the Magalloway turns west and descends 250 feet in two miles to the village of Wilsons Mills, Maine, before once again turning south, now along the New Hampshire-Maine border. The river ends where it joins the outlet of Umbagog Lake, forming the Androscoggin River.

The upper river starts from a large spring-fed bog on the Canadian border and winds down into Parmachenee Lake. Access to this water is behind a private gate so fishing pressure is light. We maintain a canoe on this section of river, which is about ½ an hour from camp, traveling on a dirt logging road. The upper river is small stream fishing at its finest with riffles, runs, and pools. It is best fished by wading or from a canoe. There are a few stretches too deep to wade and a few where you might have to drag the canoe. The main quarry here are wild, native brook trout and wild landlocked salmon from 6 to 14 inches long with larger fish possible during the fall when the larger fish ascend the river to spawn. The fish do not see a lot of flies so rise readily to standard dry flies presented reasonably. This is a great place for new or less experienced fly fishers and folks that appreciate consistent action.

The Mid Magalloway River

This part of the Magalloway includes several pools that then drain into Parmachenee Lake, begins again at the outlet of Parmachenee Lake, and then runs for a mile of pool and pocket water before it empties into Aziscohos Lake. While good numbers of “resident” trout from 6 to 14” will rise readily to a fly in this part of the river, it is the larger lake fish that run into this section of river from Aziscohos and Parmachenee that draw anglers. Although they are not there all the time, several times each year – in the spring chasing smelt or feeding on mayfly hatches- or in the fall during their spawning runs- large fish can be found in relatively easy to fish runs and pools. It is very exciting to cast to a three-pound trout rising right in front of you and you do have a chance at catching the fish of a lifetime

This section of river has good trails to the major pools that are easily wadable and much of it is gated access only. A limited number of our guests are allowed access through the gate each day.

The Lower Magalloway River

Is accessible from route 16 at the end of Bosebuck’s dirt access road (about ½ hour from camp). This is a tailwater and the water runs cool all summer. Like all tailwaters, it has consistent hatches of small insects such as blue-winged olives. It contains brook trout, landlocked salmon, splake, and small mouth bass. The size of all species ranges from pan sized to 4 pounds. River flow varies dramatically from day to day depending on the dam release schedule. It pays to find out the flow schedule because fishing is easier during the lower flows.

The first several miles below the Aziscohos Dam is fast water with rips, riffles, and a few deep pools. The river flattens out and becomes more of a meadow stream with logjams and undercut banks. There is a good trail that follows most of the river and provides good access. Wading can be difficult in the faster stretches and the fish are powerful and difficult to land.


Rips, riffles, deep pools, logjams and undercut banks.


The keys to success are fishing well-hackled dries or heavily weighted nymphs in the deeper runs.

It pays to find out the flow schedule because fishing is easier during the lower flows.

Upper river: The fish do not see a lot of flies so rise readily to standard dry flies presented reasonably. This is a great place for new or less experienced fly fishers and folks that appreciate consistent action.

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Salmon, Atlantic (Salmo salar)


Salmon, Landlocked (Salmo salar sebago)


Trout, Brook (Salvelinus fontinalis)


Trout, Brown (Salmo trutta)


Trout, Steelhead (Rainbow) (Oncorhynchus mykiss)



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