Manatee River


Bradenton, FL
United States United States
27.5103, -82.5257
60 Miles

The Manatee River is a 60-mile (97-kilometer) long river in Manatee County, Florida. The river arises in the northeastern corner of Manatee County and flows into the Gulf of Mexico at the southern edge of Tampa Bay. It has a watershed of 129 square miles (334 square kilometers). Lake Manatee, an artificial reservoir, is located about midway in the river's course. The lower part of the river is an estuary, with Bradenton and other cities located along its banks.

The river is. suitable for kayaking, canoeing and fishing.


Timbered shoreline, brush, coves.

Spot Access:
Boat Ramp, Parking (car/truck), Parking (boat/trailer), Picnic Area, Power Boats Allowed, Swimming Area, Shore fishing access, Fly Fishing, Wading, Floating, Bait shop on site
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Fishing Reports

Manatee River Fishing Report 09.14.15

Anna Maria Island Fishing Charters Sept 1 - 13 2015 Report I'm back from the little break I took in August... Lets start off with bait... its everywhere. The trick is finding good quality size bait, finding bait that is mostly pilchards, and not mixed in with smaller threadfins. Most of the bait on the flats, piers, and bay structure is still a little on the small side. The weather towards the end of this week has been challenging for...

Manatee River Fishing Report 06.28.15

Anna Maria Island Fishing Charters June 22-28 Report This week has been down then up. I started off the week with a couple trips that were tough fishing to say the least, I'll talk about that later. Bait did a disappearing act at the begging of the week and all the bait the was holding at the Skyway Bridge took off for deeper waters.  Later in the week I started going out off the beach to get smaller bait (barley fish-able), it has been plentiful and the fis...

Manatee River Fishing Report 06.21.15

Anna Maria Island Fishing Charters June 15-21 Fishing Report This week has been HOT with the winds being almost non-existent, the heat index hovering around 100, and the fish settling into their summer patterns. Bait has been very plentiful with  most of the bait (Tread-fins and Pilchards) hanging around deeper structure in Tampa Bay. This week I have been able to get all the bait I have needed in a couple of throws with my 12' Lee Fisher Hump...

Manatee River Fishing Report 04.17.12

Another Beautiful Day in paradise, Great day Fishing with Chuck,Tom Kayser,Tim,Dan Sliazar of Illinois, Dan Caught a Nice 15lb snook on light tackle, also caught Redfish and some Nice speckled Trout. Fished in The Manatee River, Terra Ciea Bay and Lower Tampa Bay,a Good time was had by all   Catch'em Up! Capt. Jonathan Capt.J.L.Davis Charter Fishing (941)729-4005

Manatee River Fishing Report 03.19.12

Another Beautiful day on the Water caught Snook,Trout Redfish, and Flounder, Plenty of bait at the Skyway, Remember Snook season is STILL CLOSED so Don't Keep any or you can Be FINED!!!!, Phil Tembrink Had a Blast! Fished in Terra Ciea Bay, Manatee River, and Lower Tampabay, Until next time Catch'em up! Capt. Jonathan Capt.J.L.Davis Charter Fishing (941)729-4005  ...

Manatee River Fishing Report 02.28.12

Had a Great Trip today despite the Wind Blowing, Caught Redfish, Flounder and Sheepshead, Great day on the water customers, were happy!,All fish were caught in the Manatee River, Terra Ciea Bay and Lower Tampabay. The Weather is Beautiful  and the Fish are Biting ! until Next time Catch'em up Capt. Jonathan Capt.J.L.Davis Charter Fishing (941)729-4005    ...

Manatee River Fishing Report 10.13.11

Great Fishing Trip today, caught Snook, Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Sharks, Ladyfish, Jacks, and some rain showers that came in with the front today, customers were happy, Bait is plentiful scaled sardines, Terra Ceia Bay, Lower Tampa bay,and Manatee River.     Until next time Catch'em up! Capt. Jonathan Capt.J.L.Davis Charter Fishing (941)729-4005

Manatee River Fishing Report 09.21.11

Fishing has been Great, Redfish on the flats and around docks, some Flounder have been caught in the bays and rivers, Snapper on the reefs around the Skyway piers,Spanish Mackerel, still a good catch in the bays along with some Bluefish,in Manatee river, Terra ceia bay, and lower Tampa Bay,have a Great week fishing and catch'em up!     Jonathan Capt.J.L.Davis Charter Fishing (941)729-4005

Manatee River Fishing Report 09.08.11

This week we have had a lot of rain in the forecast, but Fishing has been good they don't mind the rain.     We have caught Mangrove Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Gag Grouper, Speckled Trout,and Redfish Look for Redfish to start getting even better!!! These all were caught in the Manatee River,Terra Ceia Bay, and Tampabay .   Thanks and Good Fishing Captain Jonathan

Manatee River Fishing Report 08.22.11

Terra Ciea Bay, Tampa Bay, Manatee River, The Small bait schools are holding lots of fish! We caught Spanish Mackerel, Spotted Sea Trout, Flounder, and Mangrove Snapper, all along the river and bays in all the Bait schools, Lady Fish also Fun, Good fishing and Tight Lines, Be careful out there and watch the skies for the summer squall.       Capt. Jonathan Davis Capt.J.L.Davis Charter Fishing (941)729-4005

Manatee River Fishing Report 04.15.11

We must have caught thirty kings from eight to fifteen pounds in a morning's fishing. The bite was as fast as you could get a bait into the water. We were fishing in forty foot of water due west of Anna Maria on a artificial reef. Live pilchards on a 2/0 hook with a trace of light wire was doing the trick. In the afternoon we fished the mouth of the Manatee river and caught eight keeper trout up to twenty inches.       Good Fishing!   Capt. Rick Gross  ...

Manatee River Fishing Report 08.23.10

Red fish in river around docks trout in deeper holes snook are a little harder to catch but have been catching and releasing some.
Jonathan Davis/ Captain J. L. Davis charter Fishing
almost 7 years ago (10/20/2009)

Manatee River Fishing Report 10.20.09

Manatee River , Terra Ceia Bay, Lower Tampa Bay Report Terra Ceia Bay, Fishing ha been good Trout on the Flats Red fish in the Holes Snook every where, Customers have been scarce the economy has everyone pinching pinnies including me but fish has been Great!! Manatee River Reds around Docks Snook also around docks and are making there way up river, Trout in some of the holes along the south side. Lower Tampa bay Spanish Mackeral Every where Mangrove Snapper on the rock Piles Grouper on t...
Captain Jonathan/ Capt. J.L. Davis Charter Fishing
about 7 years ago (07/09/2009)

Manatee River Fishing Report 07.09.09

Manatee River, Terra ceia Bay, Lower Tampa Bay Report Manatee river fishing has been good threw out the week with the fresh water rain making the spotting of fish hard. But the fish are biting. Terra Ceia Bay: The fish are on the feed with Redfish being caught in the bushes on High Tide, Snook catch and Release are going well but try not to over fish them. Lower Tampa Bay: Some Tarpon still around also mackerel Spanish are still biting also Snapper Mangrove are biteing shrimp and also Wh...
Capt. Jonathan Davis
about 7 years ago (06/23/2009)

Manatee River Fishing Report 06.23.09

Tue,Jun 23,2009-Mantee River,Terra Ceia Bay,Lower Tampa Bay Capt.Jonathan DavisThe Heat!!!! That is what we hear and feel, But fishing is still going on. Terra Ceia Bay, Trout in deep Grass Mackeral "Spanish" are bitting, Sharks also a few tarpon, Redfish along the bushes at high water, remeber snook season is closed so be careful when catching them when the water temps are high. Manatee River, Snook are hitting, Trout are in the deeper holes, Redfish at some of the Deep docks, hitti...
Captain Jonathan/ Capt.J.L.Davis Charter Fishing
about 7 years ago (06/03/2009)

Manatee River Fishing Report 06.03.09

Manatee River, Terra Ceia Bay, Lower Tampa Bay,Recent Rains has got the water a little Cloudy,But that has improved fishing,Speckeled Trout in the Manatee River, Snook still at the Bridges, on shrimp,a few Tarpon at the Bridges also. Terra Ceia Bay, Snook at the points in Deep water, Speckeled Trout are BIG in the Deeper Grass, Mackeral Spanish are in the Bay, Lower Tampa Bay Tarpon, Grouper, Snaper Mangrove are on the Bridge and on the REEFS, This week had some folks out and they had good luc...
Captain Jonathan/Captain J.L. Davis Charter Fishing
about 7 years ago (05/19/2009)

Manatee River Fishing Report 05.19.09

Manatee River, Terra Ciea Bay, Lower Tampa Bay Report:Manatee River, We had a Local Tournament this weekend and Lots of fish caught, Redfish, Snook,Flounder,Trout, The lagest Trout was 23" that's a nice one. Terra Ciea Bay, Lots of Redfish in the bushes Snook are still around Remember That Snook season is Closed, Trout in the Deeper Grass, Mackerel are biting, Lower Tampa Bay, Snapper on the Rocks, some Gag Grouper being caught, Tarpon are starting to hit some Nice action, Mackerel bite i...
Captain Jonathan/ Capt.J.L.Davis Charter Fishing
about 7 years ago (05/05/2009)

Manatee River Fishing Report 05.05.09

Manatee River, Terra Ceia Bay, Lower Tampa Bay Report:Manatee River, Snook season Ends with a good bite, Tarpon are starting to show,Trout are a good bet. Terra Ceia Bay, Snook fishing was Great, Redfish are starting to show in the mangroves, Trout are hitting fairly good, Bait is on the Flats, Lower Tampa Bay, Tarpon at the Bridge, Snapper on the Rocks, Mackeral Everywhere, Some Kings, Lots of Spanish, Great Fishing for all, Catch'em Up. Capt. JonathanCaptain Jonathan/ Capt.J.L.Davis Charter...
Captain Jonathan/ Captain J.L.Davis
about 7 years ago (04/28/2009)

Manatee River Fishing Report 04.28.09

Terra Ciea Bay, Manatee River, Lower Tampa Bay:Terra Ciea Bay, Manatee River and Lower Tampa Bay. Trout, Reds and Snook are Bitting, some Mackerel, very few Tarpon as of late. Bait is pretty good, some in the River, also in the Bays. Till next time Great Fishing Capt.JonathanCaptain Jonathan/ Captain J.L.DavisPhone#: - (941)729-4005 Email: -
Captain J. L. Davis Charter Fishing
over 7 years ago (03/26/2009)

Manatee River Fishing Report 03.26.09

Manatee River, Tera Ciea Bay, Lower Tampa BayReport:Manatee River: Snook are a Good bet around Docks and The Bridges, Redfish on the North and South Sides of the River East of the Desota Bridge. Tera Ciea Bay: Snook in the bay are hitting on Shrimp and Shinners, Sugar Trout in the middle of the bay on shrimp. Lower Tampa Bay: Mackerel everywhere, Snapper are biting on shrimp in the bay, Good schools of bait are starting to show on top. Till next time, Catch"em UP Capt. JonathanCaptain J....

Manatee River Fishing Report 03.18.09

Manatee River: Snook at the Bridges Small to Large, Redfish around the Docks, Trout in the Grass.Tera Ciea Bay:Snook and Redfish are around the bushes on Higher Tides, Trout on the Flats, Lower Tampa Bay: Snook are just starting to get on the Flats, Trout in Deep Grass, Snapper, Pompano, Mackeral are on the feed, Great fishing. Hookem Up!! Capt.JonathanCapt. J. L. Davis Charter FishingPhone#: - (941)729-4005...

Manatee River Fishing Report 03.11.09

This Week the weather has Been Great started the warming. Terra Ceia Bay has produced Great catch and release snook,Trout, and Redfish, Manatee River around docks great snook, Reds and Drum. Lower Tampa Bay Great fishing Mackeral, Trout, Redfish, Snook are just making there way on the Flats and the bite is on. Catchem Up until next week. Capt. JonathanCapt.J.L.Davis Charter FishingPhone#: - 941-729-4005...
Captain Jonathan Davis
over 7 years ago (02/25/2009)

Manatee River Fishing Report 02.25.09

Lower Tampa bay, Tera Ciea Bay, Manatee River:The weather has been Up and Down lately, we have been catching a few Trout, Catch and release Snook, and a few Reds.With March coming on The weather should start to Improve and water Temps come up a bit, so the Bite will increase.Mackeral are in Lower Tampa bay,Snook are in the Back waters of Manatee River, Trout are a good bet in Tera Ciea Bay. Well Thats all for now Good fishing and Tight Lines Catchem Up, Captain Jonathan.Captain Jonathan Davis/...



Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix)


Drum, Red (Saltwater) (Sciaenops ocellatus)


Snook (Centropomus undecimalis)


Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus)




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