Northeast Cape Fear River


Albertson, NC
United States United States
34.24097, -77.95391
0.0 Miles
Aquatic vegetation:

reed-grass lines.


drop-offs, dock pilings

Spot Access:
Boat Ramp, Parking (car/truck), Parking (boat/trailer), Power Boats Allowed, Shore fishing access, Fly Fishing, Floating
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Fishing Reports

Northeast Cape Fear River Fishing Report 03.02.11

        Wow, what a difference some warm weather makes on fishing! This has been some of the best February weather I’ve ever seen around southeast North Carolina in a very long time! The great thing it has really gotten the fish moving and starting to feed some around the local waters. And that’s what I’m going to go over in this fishing report.   I love saltwater fishing but, I like any kind of fish pulling on my line salt or fresh and this time of ye...

Northeast Cape Fear River Fishing Report 02.01.11

I hope everybody is making through this winter so far, the weather been up and down and that is an understatement! There are some fish biting but you just need to go on the right days to catch them. If you’re settled down for the winter and don’t feel like fishing, hit a local or regional fishing school or boat show; you never know what you might learn or see!     The Redfishing lately has been pretty good most days when the wind is not howling and we’ve seen some nice schoo...

Northeast Cape Fear River Fishing Report 01.12.11

Folks this winter will not give up with out a fight, right when it looks like its going to get warmer; we get snow and nasty cold weather! So what are we going to do if we live to fish; of course GO Fishing on the ‘right’ days! With this winter being cold and last winter not any better, I’ve found you can catch fish but you just have got to go on the right days. So you ask what are the right days? Warmer, sunnier and lighter wind days are your best shot to catch fish this time of year. Any...
Capt. Jot Owens Jot It Down Fishing Charters
about 7 years ago (04/01/2010)

Northeast Cape Fear River Fishing Report 04.01.10

         I hope everyone is enjoying this very nice weather we’ve had lately. We have had a few cooler days and the wind has been blowing but for the most part; it’s a lot better than the stuff we had this winter!!! The water temps are coming up with good speed and it looks like we are getting on track for normal water temps for this time of year.     There has been a good bite of Redfish and Black drum in the ICW and creeks just off th...
Jot It Down Fishing Charters Capt. Jot Owens
about 7 years ago (02/02/2010)

Northeast Cape Fear River Fishing Report 02.02.10

Cape Fear river, Masonboro Sound Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington, NC Report February 2, 2010    Well folks, the days are getting longer and winter is more than half way over. I’m really looking forward to this coming spring! With the weather we’ve had lately; so up and down! I think that groundhog needs to get a new job! Hey that’s weather in North Carolina! Don’t forget, this is a great time to check over all your fishing gear. Clean up your rods and re...

Northeast Cape Fear River Fishing Report 01.08.10    Captain Mike 910-619-8509 wow! The weather has gottin as bad as its going to to here on the coast. Water temps in the 40`s in the salt and the30`s in the river, but somehow the fish are still feeding like it was fall. In the salt the reds in the surf outside of topsail and figure eight island are feeding on 4 in stormbaits. These fish are 18 in -32 inches. Very fun when the wind isn't pumpin out off the north northeast. 10 am see...
Captain Jot Owens Jot It Down Fishing Charters
over 7 years ago (01/04/2010)

Northeast Cape Fear River Fishing Report 01.04.10

December 29, 2009 Well Folks, the rain has slowed down a little but; now here comes the COLD weather!!! Welcome to southeast North Carolina fishing and weather, everyday is different and the fishing will be different as well! You can catch fish during colder weather and/or winters; you just have to change your style a little. I think this is going to be a little colder winter than the last one. So here is the fishing report>>> The speckled trout have been hit and miss lately, s...
Corona Daze Charters / Captain Mike Hoffman
over 7 years ago (12/30/2009)

Northeast Cape Fear River Fishing Report 12.30.09 Captain Mike Hoffman 910-619-8509 Well the weather turned cold but the fish turned on! Trout , reds, flounder and stripers are all on fire the last few weeks. Living on the coast is is great thing when the fish bite all year round. If your looking for the reds and trout, go to some of your fav. docks on the first of the rising tide.  If you keep your boat on the water, checkout the local marinas. Theres fish there!!   The basins are full off...
Captain Jot Owens
over 7 years ago (10/09/2009)

Northeast Cape Fear River Fishing Report 10.09.09

Well Folks, fall is really showing strong this week! A real roller coaster of weather: one day with hot temps and light winds the very next day very windy and rainy and then cool temps. Hey that’s what gets those fall fish biting so we can’t complain too much. With that said lets talk fall fishing! We’ve had some very good Spanish Mack runs lately. Most of the Spanish are hitting Clark spoons on number one planners, a few fish have hit on top as well. We have also caught...
Capt. Jot Owens
over 7 years ago (08/25/2009)

Northeast Cape Fear River Fishing Report 08.25.09

Masonboro sound & Cape Fear River Report I hope everybody is doing well and catching a few fish! I have got to say I’m glad Bill did not make it up here, but his power was felt up this way. We’ve had some strong swells the last couple of days, which has kept me out of the ocean and in the back water areas. Before the swells we did some good ocean fishing for Flounder and Gray trout. Most of the flounder inshore are mixed in size, but the fish in the ocean are a little b...



Bass, Striped (Morone saxatilis)


Drum, Red (Saltwater) (Sciaenops ocellatus)




96 Charter Company

Fishing the Cape Fear Area for over ten years. Fly fishing and light tackle for inshore and near shore fish year round. Come fish for Stripers from November through April and an assortment of sa...
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Capt. Jot Owens Jot IT Down Fishing Charters LLC

Captain Jot Owens Inshore And Near Shore Guide Lite Tackle & Fly Fishing Native of Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington, NC; Jot has been fishing the waters of this area his entire life. Jot enjoys s...
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Corona Daze Charters

Captain Mike Hoffman is a native of Wilmington, NC who has been fishing since he was 5-years-old. He has been a full-time fisherman since 1987. He fished the Pro Bass Tour for 11 years, and during...
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Mad Fish Charters

We are one of the top charter fishing and guide services in the Wilmington, North Carolina area with over 20 years experience in the waters off Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach.
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Rod-Man Fishing Charters

The Rod-Man has made a change in his business pursuits. I am no longer going to be active in day to day chartering. Basically my business will still remain very active in the fishing business. I wil...
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Sightfish NC

Fly and Light Tackle Guide Service specializing in shallow water fishing the Cape Fear Coast of NC. From the clear water sand flats of Topsail Island to the stained nutrient rich waters of the Cape...
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