Oyster Creek


Forked River, NJ
United States United States
39.8097, -74.1805

Oyster Creek is a tributary of Little Egg Harbor in southeastern New Jersey in the United States.

The creek is located approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) south of Forked River in southern Ocean County.

The Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station is located on an 800-acre (3.2 km2) site at Forked River.

Oyster Creek is located in Forked River, N.J. and is home to GPU’s Nuclear Power Generating Station. Typical of nuclear power plants a warm water discharge is pumped from the station directly into a surrounding body of water after it has been utilized in the cooling process. This warm water serves as a magnet for attracting and holding bait and fish throughout the cold winter months.

GPU’s Oyster Creek station is situated between the south branch of Forked River and Oyster Creek on Route 9 in Forked River, N.J. The south branch of the Forked River serves as the cold water in-take and Oyster Creek is the discharge or the warm water out-take. By regulation the warm water discharge can be no warmer than ten degrees above the mean ambient temperature of Barnegat Bay. So before this water is released into Oyster Creek it is monitored and regulated to meet this requirement. This increase in temperature for the Creek will hold, keep, and attract both fish and bait throughout the winter. Throughout most of the winter you will find the temperature of Oyster Creek to be in the neighborhood of 55 degrees. This is a perfect temperature for stripers to actively feed and move around. You will find a resident population of stripers, which swim circling throughout the creek. The fish average anywhere from 15 – 26 inches but it’s not common to see or hook into larger fish in the thirty plus inch range. A somewhat smaller school of weakfish also remains throughout the winter as do even a smaller number of one to three pound bluefish.

If your planning a visit to fish Oyster Creek and you are a diehard surf fisherman, needless to say you will be disappointed. The wide expanses of water and freedom to move around are not present. Neither are any of the other multitudes of stimulations you receive when working the pounding surf.

Fishing access is extremely limited to the area on the west side of Route 9. You can fish from on top of the abandoned railroad bridge, which runs over the creek or on either side of it. The creek spans a width of about twenty yards. Down by the waters edge there is room for only a couple of anglers on either side. All other access to the creek along either bank is fenced off and posted no trespassing. If you fish in these areas you are breaking the law and risk a summons or arrest. There is a small parking area on the southwest side of the creek, which can hold about fifteen cars. On the northwest side of the creek you can park along Route 9 south.

Spot Access:
Parking (car/truck), Shore fishing access, Wading
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Bass, Striped (Morone saxatilis)


Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix)


Weakfish (Cynoscion regalis)




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