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Pensacola Bay is located in the Western Florida panhandle near the Florida-Alabama border. The Pensacola Bay system is the fourth largest in Florida, ALL of which is Florida. The system includes Escambia Bay, Blackwater Bay, East Bay and Santa Rosa Sound. Major rivers comprising the system are the Escambia, Yellow, Blackwater and East rivers which provide freshwater into the system. The bay is separated from the Gulf of Mexico by a combination of a peninsula, the Santa Rosa Sound and Santa Rosa Island. Water exchange with the Gulf takes place between Santa Rosa Island and Perdido Key. The system is designated as an Aquatic Preserve in Florida. Extensive salt and freshwater marshes and seagrasses characterize the bay system and provide a nursery and migratory corridor for many birds species. The area is home to fishes, reptiles and marine mammals.

Highway 98 threads along Florida’s spectacular northern Gulf Coast beaches. Driving between Port St. Joe and Pensacola, a roadtripping angler can stop off at numerous fishing piers, bridges and stretches of empty coastline.From Port St. Joe to Pensacola, U.S. Highway 98 parallels the Gulf coast through a cross-section of Florida Panhandle communities and habitats. It passes through military bases, quaint fishing villages, sprouting condo cities and towering pine forests. And it runs along some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, backed by lofty sand dunes and decorated with waving patches of sea oats.

Aquatic vegetation:

salt and freshwater marshes and seagrasses

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Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 04.14.16

So Spring Break has officially come to an END! I’m sad and happy at the same time. Sad, because I enjoy my job showing new and old clients our fishery, and happy because I busted my butt this season and needed a few days off to recharge my batteries. We had a variety of fish on the menu this spring break season, from sheepies, gray snappers, to spanish mackerel and a few red snappers that we had to toss back due to the season being closed. I’m not going into detail o...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 10.23.15

Flounder Fishing 101 Yesterday 10-23-2015, I had Steve from Kansas City, Missouri on board the Triton. He was down for a wedding and told me that wherever he travels he tries to book a charter to try new styles of fishing. I told him about our inshore fishing and that I was on a good Flounder and Redfish bite. He’s a northern fisherman and fishes mainly artificials, which is right up my alley as the style of charter I run most of the time.  I woke up to a brisk east wind blow...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 10.15.15

Blue Herons, Flounder, and Bent Rods   October is a great month to inshore fish for lots of species, especially flounder. While some of my counterparts are out fishing the gulf, I’m enjoying the flats practically all to myself. I’ve been tossing a lot of soft plastics and putting some flatties in the ice chest.  I’ve been busy fishing a lot over the past two weeks with chartering and fun fishing. Even on my days off I go fishing. This way I st...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 09.20.15

The 2015 Spring and Summer Season is in the books. Here is a brief report on the area fishing. It was a hot season for sure, with temps well over 100 most days. We had to start out early and quit around 10am to avoid the unbearable heat. I ran some doubles and those days were brutal when it really got hot. Those afternoon trips were hot, but we still caught some fish, and we even went after some shark, as they will bite even on the warmest days. For the most part I did a lot of Spanis...
almost 2 years ago (07/25/2015)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 07.24.15

Summer Season Report The 2015 summer season is about over and I’m happy to say it’s been a fun season, but also one of the hottest I’ve ever fished. We’ve got about 2 1/2 more weeks and the kiddos will be heading back to school, and that means the trips will be slowing down and I can get a little rest. Let’s talk how the summer season was. June started out decent, with just a little more wind and rain than I like; I had to cancel a few trips,...
almost 2 years ago (06/03/2015)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 06.01.15

May 2015 is in the books; it was a pretty good month for inshore fishing. We caught a variety of fish, including Skipjacks and Spanish mackerel near Pensacola Pass and trout and reds on the flats.  Because of all the rain we had in the month of April and in early May, the flats were a bit more challenging when looking for trout. I believe June will be a better month, as it usually is a drier month. I try to always have a positive outlook when I leave the dock. I truly believe a positiv...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 04.10.15

Well, Spring Break has ended, as has the sheepshead run. It was a lot of fun this year with lots of bent rods and smiles all around. For the most part, every trip was successful, but there were a few that made the day tough, but that’s why they call it fishing, not catching.  Spanish Mackerel have shown up in good numbers and it’s been fun to say the least. Jack Crevalle have also shown up just off our beaches, but with the SE winds it’s been a little hard getting...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 12.12.14

November is in the books and it was the best I have ever seen with the amount of fish caught and the size. December came in with warm temps the first week, around 72 degrees all week, which was very nice. We did have a full moon the first week, which did impact the bite some on a couple trips, but not too bad. We just didn’t catch as many, but when you’re used to hooking up 20 –40 fish a trip and then it drops to only catching 6 or 8, then I guess I’m getting spoiled...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 11.25.14

November is the month of golden reds! Each year I look forward to the annual fall redfish run, and the start of this one has topped them all. We had another cold front on Tuesday and that’s a good thing, because these reds like it cold. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been on the water frequently mostly with clients and a few times with buddies enjoying some fun fishing for myself. There is nothing like fishing our annual redfish run. These fish are large and in charge, a...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 11.14.14

November 12th  Pensacola Fishing Report. I’m going to keep it short as I think the photos will tell the tale! It’s been a redfish extravaganza over the past two weeks. This has to be one of the best starts to the annual redfish run I’ve ever seen.  So far on most trips anglers have been catching double digits. We’ve had some 20 and 30 fish days. Today’s trip (11-12-2014) we boated 32 reds and only had two anglers on the boat. These reds are big...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 10.28.14

October 28th, 2014 - Fishing Report  -Pensacola, Florida Here is a look back on October. The start of the month was hit and miss, where one day it would be awesome and other days it was down right tough on the water. I fished a variety of places this month from the bayous, upper bays, Pensacola Bay and the pass. The main objectives were Trout, Reds, Kings and Spanish and we even caught some nice jacks on a few trips. The trout bite was okay, but not as good as last October...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 07.01.14

What a year it’s been so far; new boat, crazy temperatures, flooding, and lots of bent rods.  I’ve been fishing non-stop it seems like since spring break. I received my new 240 LTS Triton in February and I’m so happy with it. It is everything I’ve wanted in a boat and my clients are very pleased with it as well. The summer break is nearly over and families are winding up their vacationing. Just like last year, it’s going to start to slow down tour...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 06.01.14

  Lot's of Trout on the Menu   The new Triton has brought some good mojo to my fishing venues as I’ve been putting some really big trout in the boat this year.   May has come to an end and again this year’s season is flying by faster than ever. It’s June 7th and summer break is among us with lots of eager anglers from all over the US, including visitors from Arkansas and Texas and northern states like Ohio and Wisconsin....

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 05.01.14

April brought some fun fishing, even though we had more rain than I like in a short period of time the fishing is still half way decent. We caught some sheepies and redfish in the bay last week. The sheepshead bite is pretty much done but the reds are still in the pass along with other gilled critters. I’m happy to say that the big Jacks have shown up along the beaches and they should be around for the next 5 – 6 weeks. Late April and May is the best time to catch Jack Crevalle...
about 3 years ago (02/18/2014)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 02.01.14

Sheepshead and Black Drum are hitting live shrimp pretty hard around the deeper structure in and around Pesacola Bay with the Trout a plenty and a few redfish taking live shrimp as wel in the muddier waters of escambia and east bays. Good luck and have a safe trip....

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 01.15.14

January has been a pretty good month so far. As most know in North Florida it can get pretty cold up here with temps as low as 15 to 20 degrees some days and as warm as 72 degrees other days. This has what’s it’s been like so far this year, drastic temperature changes and some very windy conditions has made the fishing tough some days. When fishing the very cold temps, remember to slow down your presentation and work baits like MirrOlure’s Paul Brown. MirrOlure ca...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 04.15.13

Spring Break is over and now it is time to get back on the flats and pull out the boxes of artificials! I went out recently to do a little scouting to see how the trout and redfish bite was on the flats, and was very pleased with what I found. I checked some of my honey holes that usually hold nice slot reds, and they were already producing some nice bites. The trout bite was pretty good too; I caught a lot with a variety of baits from MirrOlure’s Top Dog, which is a top water lure, a...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 02.24.13

Not much to report the past few days besides lots of rain and wind. With over 3.5” of rain in the past three days, it’s been tough to get out. However, I did manage to get out a couple of times before the bad weather came in and the inshore bite was good quality. I’m happy to say that the sheepsheads are starting to make their appearance in the pass and in a few other places in the bay. Not only are the sheepshead showing up, the inshore red snapper bite in Pens...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 02.13.13

Pensacola Inshore Sheepshead & Red Fishing Drag Screaming Fun Spring Break is only weeks away.  What's great about fishing in March is you can catch a variety of fish like sheepshead, redfish, red snapper, black drum and grouper. We fish Pensacola Pass for a variety of fish listed above, but if you like flats fishing it is also exceptional this time of year for slot reds and fun light tackle trout. The key to successfully fishing both areas is to closely watch...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 02.01.13

Mega-Bite Inshore Charters – 27-degree temperature difference in 24 hrs. On Tuesday the 29th I woke up to temps around 60 degrees, then on Wednesday I woke up to temps in the lower 30’s. This is the most drastic temperature change we’ve had all year, so far. So how did it affect the fish? Surprisingly not too much; the fishing was very good on Thursday and Friday. But let’s back up a little before this major cold front and let you know what’s been hap...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 12.31.12

New Year’s Eve Redfish Mania! Today’s trip was a regular inshore bull redfish trip and if you don’t mind me bragging, we CRUSHED THEM today!   What a great way to end the year with fantastic clients and MONSTER REDFISH! I had an awesome 6 hr trip today with a crew from Missouri. They came to Pensacola to camp at Ft. Pickens, do some fishing, and bring in the New Year at Pensacola Beach. They had been reading my post about the big reds and how much fun...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 12.14.12

A November to Remember! As the summer winded down and the weather started getting cooler, I was eager to get out and hook up with the bronze bruisers that show up here every fall.  Starting every October I get the fall rods out, wipe the dust off, tie on new leaders with new Spro Jigs, and get ready for what I hope will be a productive annual redfish run. This past November was one to remember for sure. I was on the water a lot both with clients and fun trips with friends and f...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 11.15.12

Cold weather means BIG REDFISH! –Pensacola Fishing Charters With the much colder weather finally here and the bay cooling, the big reds have invaded our waters. Some of these schools are so big that at times the waters looks copper and it seems as if you could almost walk across the water on their backs. Since the big reds have shown up in full force, I’ve put the flats fishing for speckled trout and red fishing on hold. I will run a flats technical trip if my cl...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 11.03.12

Fall has arrived and that means BIG REDFISH! I love this time of year with its cool temps and monster redfish; it can’t get much better or can it? Not only are the big reds biting, but so are the slots and they too are plentiful in the sound, you just have to know where to look. Sorry I can’t give away my honey holes. With the inshore bite red-hot right now I can’t see why anyone would stay at home if they had the day off. I took a few days off from the upper...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 10.19.12

October means drag-screaming fun in Pensacola, Florida. October is known for cooler temps along the gulf coast and big redfish. We’ve had a few cold fronts the past few weeks, but not cold enough to kick off the redfish run. It’s still a bit warm for the middle of October. So the annual redfish run has not started yet. I’m thinking that it will be a couple of more weeks and it will kick off. Now there are still some big reds being caught, as seen by the pics below,&nbs...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 08.02.12

The trout are crushing suspending twitch baits this week! Picture this in your mind:  it’s zero dark thirty and we’re launching the boat, the sun’s not up yet, and we’re heading to our spot to entice some tasty fun drag screaming trout into smashing our lures. We arrive at my honey hole after a short boat ride and we start tossing top-waters and suspending twitch baits. The sun is waking up and peeking its head over the horizon as we’re bowing...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 07.30.12

Let’s start out with some drag-screaming action on the lower end of Pensacola Bay. The past few trips have been outstanding with a plethora of inshore species to choose from. Some days we get into a good mix of trout and redfish, but over the past couple days, we have had the chance to go after the ever-powerful Bonita. If you like hearing your drag sing for what seems like forever and watch your line peel off the spool, this is the fish for you. Boni...
almost 5 years ago (07/19/2012)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 07.19.12

The drags have been screaming on the Mega-Bite! Winds and tides have been just right for trout and redfish in the shallows in the upper bay areas. We’ve had some serious storms in the afternoons which have muddied up the waters a bit, but that’s all right, because I find that it’s helped the fishing a bit in the upper bay areas. A rule of thumb to fishing these areas is to fish the wind blown banks and look for jumping mullet and menhaden schools. Average trou...
almost 5 years ago (07/08/2012)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 07.08.12

July inshore fishing report for 2012: I’m back on the flats fishing for everything that lives there; trout, reds, bluefish, ladyfish and much more. Flats fishing with artificials is what I like to do and what many of my clients enjoy. A lot of my clients are bass fishermen, and bass fishing is very similar to inshore fishing, so they feel right at home.  July 2012 came in with some hot temps; 96 –98 degrees with heat indexes around 105 –118. To avoid these very hot...
almost 5 years ago (05/26/2012)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 05.26.12

On the flats in the upper bay areas, the trout and redfish bite has been outstanding recently. The key to fishing these upper bay areas and most of our inshore waters is to watch the tides and fish when the water has good movement.  My last few trips have been outstanding; we’ve caught tons of trout and have hauled in a few decent redfish.   When fishing the upper bay areas, we’re tossing all artificials.  I really enjoy this style of fishing, be...
almost 5 years ago (05/17/2012)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 05.17.12

May is turning out to be a great month for big trout and fun fighting redfish on the flats. We’ve had some rain, which was much needed, and it’s helped the inshore bite for sure. The upper bay areas are teeming with lots of bait schools, and if you find either the mullet, menhaden, or minnow schools you’ll find the specks and reds. I’ve found that tossing a MirrOlure suspending twitch bait, which resembles a medium-sized mullet produces the best catches....

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 04.22.12

It was a great week last week, with lots of redfish and trout caught on the flats with suspending twitch baits and top-water plugs. If you love fishing like I do, spend a day with Mega-Bite Inshore Charters—I will show you what a diverse fishery we have here on the gulf coast. Gregg shows off a nice 30" that slammed a MirrOlure Paul Brown! April is coming to a close, which is okay, because although we had some fine days this spring, May is one of my favorite months f...
about 5 years ago (04/09/2012)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 04.09.12

Destin, Navarre, Pensacola Florida inshore fishing report - Pensacola Guide Service fishing report ... April is really a good month for me. This goes for catching fish, not just fishing - or a glorified boat ride around the bay (what you get if you don’t do your homework when you decide to hire a fishing guide). I see it every day. Don’t get me wrong as I write this, I’m not bashing newcomers in the business. I am sending out a warning to those of you who have no exp...
about 5 years ago (04/02/2012)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 04.02.12

The Sheepshead fishing has been red hot here in Pensacola for the past few weeks. Big Redfish, Black drum, and Spanish Mackerel have been showing up in big numbers as well. The Cobia and Pompano have started to migrate through and should be here thick in the next few weeks. Capt. Tyler Manning  850-393-9055...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 03.28.12

Today, (3-28-2012)  I had Kevin and his two boys, Hunter & Tuner, from Tennessee. They had never saltwater fished before and were a little out of their element, but it didn’t take them long to learn how to get the hook ups on the elusive sheepshead. We were scheduled for a long day on the water (7-hours) so I wanted them to experience a few different styles of fishing other than the ‘sheepies’ in the pass. After we fished for sheepies for a few hours, we...
about 5 years ago (03/23/2012)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 03.23.12

March is over half gone and if you gauged it by weather alone; you would think it was May already. Lots of rain and nice warm weather has the Florida’s Emerald Coast fishing really happening. The Speckled Trout bite has been very good for this time of the year, these fish are holding close to deep water just in case the weather turns cold, I don’t think they have anything to worry about. Live bait is going to catch your Gator Trout, try using jumbo shrimp or croakers. I&rsqu...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 03.12.12

March always comes in with high winds and this year is no exception. For the last few days, it’s been blowing 15 –20 knots with some gusts around 25 –30 knots. Sheepshead season has started in Pensacola Pass and I’ve already been out a couple of times hooking up on some tasty sheepies and other drag screaming critters. What’s great about fishing this area is you can catch a variety of fish like sheepshead, redfish, red snapper, black drum and grouper. This area...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 02.29.12

Had the pleasure of meeting David, his son Andrew, and Bill from Minnesota. I originally wanted to fish the afternoon with the tides and to also let the sun come out and warm things up, but the crew had to be at the airport at 3pm, so we had to do a morning trip and be off the water around 1pm. Because of the cold weather the night before and nearly 3" of rain the past few days, the water was very muddy which meant lots of fresh water. I had the guys slow down their presentatio...
about 5 years ago (02/09/2012)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 02.09.12

Report Date: February 9, 2012 Hard to believe it’s already February 9th, this late winter has been the warmest in a long while. The water temperature as of yesterday was 67 degrees. We have a little cold front pushing through over the next four days that will cool it back down some. Not to worry though - the days are getting longer and the fish are getting hungry! Flounder are making their way back into the bays! Drag a finger mullet...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 02.09.12

January has come and gone and that just means it is one month closer to spring. I’m starting to feel Spring Fever and I guess it’s because we’ve had a very mild winter and the trees are already starting to bud. I think it’s going to be an early spring and that the ground hog won’t see his shadow; hopefully I’m not jinxing myself. During February I’m usually fishing in the upper bay areas for specks, reds, and this year I’ll go after some strip...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters/Capt. John
over 5 years ago (01/17/2012)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 01.17.12

Tasty Trout & Light Tackle Redfish It got downright cold out this weekend, but that wasn’t going to stop me from getting out on the water to get my fishing fix. My wife was nice enough to give up her day off to take me out for a fun day of trout fishing and red fish scouting.  We had a hankering for some tasty seafood for dinner tonight, so we hit the bridge for fresh white trout. We didn’t stay at the bridge long, just long enough to get a few in the live well for...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters/Capt. John
over 5 years ago (01/03/2012)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 01.03.12

Well, another year has come and gone, and as good as the fishing was in 2011, I’m already eager to see what the New Year brings. I was on the water nearly every day the last week of the year, and it was some of the best bull red fishing of the year and some great trout fishing as well. Only one day last week was not so good and that was the last day of 2011, because we were pretty much fogged in the whole day and could only fish the bridge for short time and had to end the trip a bi...
Captain Dusty Powers
over 5 years ago (12/27/2011)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 12.27.11

We beat the rain! Had the pleasure of fishing with a group of folks that have lost their way and moved from our area. They gather here every year as a family to celebrate the holidays and wanted to do a little fishing while they were here. With mild temps but a looming front we made the call to give them hell this morning. Launched from Shoreline park this morning and headed to the pass in search of a few slot reds. We caught several Red snapper and a few redfish but it was solid fish catch...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters
over 5 years ago (12/19/2011)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 12.19.11

Went out a couple of days ago to do a little red fishing. It was awesome, the bite has been great. I've got a couple of trips next week. I'll post a report with pictures on Friday.   Tight Lines...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 12.13.11

Yesterday (12-09-2011) some great memories were made while hooking up big redfish. I had the pleasure to meet Kent and his two sons Lonnie & Shawn and their best friend Andrew, who set up this trip. These guys were a blast to fish with; they reminded me a lot of me in my younger days. Our plan was to just go after the big reds and have as much fun as possible. One of the guys was about to move to Texas and this was going to be their last outing together for a while. Andrew is a loca...
Capt. Eddie Woodall
over 5 years ago (12/13/2011)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 12.13.11

The Emerald Coast of North West Florida is a great place to visit during the winter. Our temperatures average in the forties at night and in the sixties during the days. I look for the blue bird sky days with a light north wind. Those are the days that I'll head into the gulf and hit the near shore reefs to see if there are any Flounder left out there. The weather during December has been very mild; this will typically keep the Flounder migrating out into the Gulf through the month of D...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters
over 5 years ago (12/12/2011)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 12.12.11

I’ve been out a lot the past 6 days and it’s been some of the best winter red fishing to date. November was a little warmer than usual and I think that’s why the red fishing was not like it had been in years past. But now that we have had a couple of real good cold fronts, the fishing is on fire. The winter reds are here and they are in full force. Look for a lot of birds diving or sitting on the surface, and you are bound to find the reds around. One key thin...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters
over 5 years ago (12/12/2011)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 12.12.11

Yesterday (12-09-2011) some great memories were made while hooking up big redfish. I had the pleasure to meet Kent and his two sons Lonnie & Shawn and their best friend Andrew, who set up this trip. These guys were a blast to fish with; they reminded me a lot of me in my younger days. Our plan was to just go after the big reds and have as much fun as possible. One of the guys was about to move to Texas and this was going to be their last outing together for a while. Andrew is a loca...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters
over 5 years ago (12/08/2011)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 12.08.11

Yesterday was just an awesome day to be on the water. I took Kirt and his buddy Devon out for another redfish adventure and today was the day to be out. 16 reds caught and released with a few pulled hooks, almost had 20, oh well maybe next time. I guess I'll just have to go again. Got to love Florida in the fall / winter Pictures are below this post, says I put them in the 2010 ablum, but I gues there is a glitch. Any, we had a great time looking forward to the next adventure.  ...
Captain John Rivers
over 5 years ago (11/21/2011)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 11.21.11

On Thursday November 17Th we got a nice cold front and I’m glad we did; it’s been exceptionally warmer than last year. The cooler weather should help to get the reds to spawn, and when this starts to happen they start to feed like crazy on all the bait that is moving out of the rivers and upper bays. It’s been blowing 15 –25 for the past two weeks with only a couple small windows in the weather to get out and go after those reds. Thanksgiving is less than a week...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters
over 5 years ago (10/19/2011)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 10.19.11

Fall fishing has finally arrived, and I for one, am thrilled to say the least! Over the past two weeks, I’ve been running trips in the afternoon and evening depending on the tides, and the bite has been phenomenal!     As the water cools over the next month, the specks will migrate up towards the upper bays and mouths of the rivers. Some have already made their migration, and over the past few trips, I’ve hooked up some quality fish up in Escambia Bay and Blackwater.  ...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters
over 5 years ago (09/30/2011)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 09.30.11

September is rolling to a close, and I have only had the chance to get out on the water a handful of times. With the busy summer season behind me, it was time to do a bit of maintenance on the boat. Upkeep is key to having your equipment in top-notch shape, plus I wanted to get all my ducks in a row before the fall redfish run which is getting closer.   So one week was trailer work, the other week was checking wires, pumps, and fuses. You never want to get out on the water and have a...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters
over 5 years ago (09/20/2011)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 09.20.11

Week one of September 2011, and there’s not much of a report due to Tropical Storm Lee.     With high winds and 3 days of rain, I didn’t get to fish much the first week, but two days ago I took a fun night trip out to see what the water looked like and how the bite was.   The water is pretty muddy and it will take a couple of weeks for it to clear up, but the fishing was just right for trout. We didn’t catch any reds, but my buddy went the following night and caught...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters
about 6 years ago (04/06/2011)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 04.06.11

  Welcome to Mega-Bite Inshore Charters.       The past few days we’ve had a few thunderstorms which have caused some major winds which have also caused a few small craft advisories keeping me and other anglers off the water. However, our annual sheepshead run is in full swing and the bite has been red hot despite the winds. Along with big sheepshead being caught in Pensacola Pass we’re hooking big redfish on the deep water ledges.     Alon...
Emerald Coast Fishing Excursions Captain Brant Peacher
about 6 years ago (04/01/2011)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 04.01.11

The Emerald Coast Fishing team of Brant Peacher and Jeff Russell made the top ten in the IFA professional redfish tournament in Destin Florida this past weekend weighing in 11.3lbs. But, we were not the only local team to have success. Captain Brad King with South Again Fishing charters also had a great finish weighing in a two fish bag of 11.6lbs. Both teams did a great Job representing Pensacola! The winning team was the Panama City team of Jake Matney and Joey Sostheim with a monster bag of...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters Captain John Rivers
about 6 years ago (03/17/2011)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 03.17.11

I’ve been out the past few days hooking up some striped bucked-tooth critters, also known as sheepshead, as well as hauling in some monster reds. Every year in late March the sheepshead spawn starts and the bite is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Thousands of sheepshead make their way to Pensacola Pass to feed and do their thing, and this is the time of year for you to get out there and get them.     The bite is on in Pensacola and should stay strong for sheepshead for another...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters Captain John Rivers
about 6 years ago (03/10/2011)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 03.10.11

March is here, and it is living up to its reputation! Windy days and cold nights, but we should be seeing warmer temps soon.     I just got the boat out of the shop, and it now has a new tower and leaning post. I couldn't wait to take the boat out to do some fishing, but now I'll have to wait till the wind dies down.   I won't be able to resist the urge to get out on the water for too long; I'll be out this weekend to see how the sheepshead and redfish bite is in the p...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters Captain John Rivers
over 6 years ago (12/21/2010)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 12.21.10

Fishing along the gulf coast has been hard to do the past two weeks because of colder than usual temperatures, wind, and rain. Before the bad weather, however, the fishing was outstanding for many different species. Just a few weeks ago, I was catching all the bull redfish we wanted in Pensacola Bay during the late afternoon trips. White trout was and is still being caught along 3-mile bridge along with some slot redfish. As winter settles in and the water gets colder, speckled trout have move...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters Capt. John Rivers
over 6 years ago (12/07/2010)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 12.07.10

Capt. John Rivers   December 7, 2010 Pensacola - Saltwater Fishing Report       Why is the weatherman always wrong? Today it was supposed to be NW with winds at 5 –10 and seas calm to light chop in the bay. Well, let's just say 15 knots and choppy to rough.     Ok, now let's talk red fishing; today it was ok, not great, but we did manage to make some drags scream. I had Josh and his wife April on the boat and they wanted to feel the pull of a...
Captain DP Charters Captain Dusty Powers
over 6 years ago (11/10/2010)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 11.10.10

Had a blast Saturday 11-6-10. Caught a bunch of bull reds in the gulf, just off Pensacola beach and Perdido Key. The fish averaged 20-25lbs. Every fish was caught on artificial baits either Gulp Shrimp on Bass assasin jig heads or Manns stretches. This is just the start of an awesome winter.   Give me a call to book today. 850-261-7953           Captain Dusty Powers
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters Captain John Rivers
over 6 years ago (11/10/2010)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 11.10.10

Cold Front Hits the Panhandle:     I haven't posted a report in a couple of weeks due to not fishing. High winds and boat maintenance has kept me at the dock.   But now let's talk bull reds, because that's what was making my drag scream today. I headed out with a buddy of mine, Alex, who's just as crazy about fishing as I am. The winds had calmed down and with blue bird skies, I was eager to see some big reds on the end of my line.   We hit Pensacola Bay arou...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters Capt. John
over 6 years ago (10/21/2010)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 10.21.10

  If you hit the waters of Pensacola Bay with the right baits during October and September, it'll be FISH ON! The Kings have invaded Pensacola Bay; they're gorging themselves on the massive schools of menhaden pouring out of the bayous, Escambia Bay and Blackwater Bay. During late September and October many kings show up in large numbers to feed on the massive bait pods. If you know where to go and have some fresh live menhaden in your live well, you'll be one happy fisherman for sur...

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 08.31.10

Constant rain and thunderstorms certainly make for some exciting fishing, that is, as long as the lightning stays away.   I had my first few trips after the oily aftermath of the summer of 2010 this past weekend, although I almost thought the weekend was going to be a bust, too. I had booked a couple of trips last week, but Mother Nature and her wicked sense of timing was not going to let that happen as a tropical storm was hanging around longer then expected. I finally saw the light...
over 6 years ago (08/06/2010)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 08.06.10

  Chuck's Charters    ...
Mega-Bite Inshore Charters
almost 7 years ago (06/30/2010)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 06.30.10

The report in Santa Rosa Sound is good for both trout and redfish. Most of the fish are hitting artificial on popping corks. In Pensacola Bay, the bite for bluefish and Spanish mackerel is outstanding. The bite in Big Lagoon has also been very good for trout and redfish. Inshore Fishing in Pensacola Bay and along the ICW is open, so when you're ready to take your vacation, come visit Pensacola.     Tight Lines.   Capt. John Mega-Bite Inshore Charters 850-341-9816...
Full Net Charters / Capt. Eddie Woodall
over 7 years ago (12/07/2009)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 12.07.09

Inshore Nearshore Fishing report for Destin, Navarre, Pensacola Beach, Perdido Key Florida. Well fellow anglers here it is December 4th and we have a winter weather storm warning here in Northwest Florida. Although the weather is cold, the fishing is as hot as ever. Over the last two weeks it’s been mostly Bull Red fishing, with a little Flounder fishing thrown in for good measure. The Bull Red’s have been real consistence and making my job easy. There are big schools of Reds out...
Full Net Fishing Charters
almost 8 years ago (05/22/2009)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 05.22.09

Destin, Ft. Walton Beach, Navarre, Pensacola Beach inshore charter fishing guide report:Inshore - It’s been awesome fishing (catching) for the first two weeks of May. I like it when a plan comes together. Inshore fishing is off the charts right now and should continue for the next three or four weeks. The Speck’s are on the move, finding their way out of the deep waters onto the flats in search of lots of food to fatten up for their first spawn of the season. Stay close to deep structure for...
Full Net Fishing Charters
about 8 years ago (03/23/2009)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 03.23.09

Destin, Ft. Walton Beach, Navarre Gulf Breeze, Pensacola, Perdido Key Florida:Spring is HERE, crowds of people on the beaches, public piers are loaded with pier rat’s watching for their first cast to a migrating Cobia, and I’m fishing every day, Life is good!!! I’m sight fishing for Red Fish on the Beach and working spots all around Pensacola Pass for big Sheepshead, the last two days has been very windy so we been fishing in Santa Rosa Sound for slot sized Reds and doing very well. The fir...
Full Net Fishing Charters
about 8 years ago (02/24/2009)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 02.24.09

Fishing Report For: Destin, Ft Walton, Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola, Perdido Key Florida.March is just around the corner and I’m sure glad of it. February has been just a little too crazy for me; weather wise that is, record highs, record lows, gale force winds, six inches of rain in eight hours, we’ve had it all in the past three weeks! But, this is the kind of weather we need to jump start a great spring fishery. I always bank on a good spring when we get the right amount of rain in the...
Capt. Eddie Woodall
over 8 years ago (01/12/2009)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 01.12.09

Happy New Year!!! It’s that time of the year that business is down to a minimum and the fish are hungry. There’s a world of fish around the three mile bridge structure in Pensacola Bay; we were up there a couple of days ago using half ounce jig heads with a Big Bite Bait shrimp lure, I think we must have caught 200 fish in three hours, mostly White Trout but we also caught a slot Red Fish, Red Snapper, small Grouper, Black Sea Bass and several other species, man we just had a blast. It’s ti...
Capt. Eddie Woodall
over 8 years ago (11/03/2008)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 11.03.08

Northwest Florida, Destin, Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola, Perdido KeyThe fall fishing is wide open. Most of big Spanish mackerel has left the bay in wake of these last cold fronts passing through, but there are still some around and still more to come as they migrate from the west.For the Spanish I use casting spoons on light tackle, watch for the diving birds, when you see some surface activity cast your lures in that direction. You’ll catch Blue fish and big Skip Jacks as well. It won’t...
Capt. John Rivers
over 8 years ago (10/07/2008)

Pensacola Bay Fishing Report 10.07.08

It’s been a great start to the fishing season so far this fall and it looks like October will continue the trend. We’ve been on the water quite a bit these past few days hooking a lot of Spanish mackerel and even a few kings in the bay. Most of the Spanish were caught on Mann’s Little George. This lure has proven to catch its fair share of Spanish, bluefish and all the skipjacks you want. Slow-trolled or tossed into the school of fish, Little George will surely get you hooked up on a fun fi...



Dolphinfish, Common (Coryphaena hippurus)


Dolphinfish, Pompano (Coryphaena equisetis)


Drum, Red (Saltwater) (Sciaenops ocellatus)


Flounder, Gulf (Paralichthys albigutta)


Jack, Crevalle (Caranx hippos)


Mackerel, Spanish (Scomberomorous maculatus)


Pompano, Florida (Trachinotus carolinus)


Seatrout, Spotted (Cynoscion nebulosus)


Sheepshead (Archosargus probatocephalus)


Snapper, Gray (Lutjanus griseus)


Snook (Centropomus undecimalis)


Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus)


Trout, Speckled (Cynoscion nebulosus)




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Snapper Trapper Charters, Inc.

Cobia hunts, bottom fishing, offshore trolling. no boat rides. We catch fish. 36 ft. fishing machine.
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