Saint Marks River


Saint Marks, FL
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30.1618, -84.2081

The St. Marks River is a river in the Big Bend region of Florida.

The St. Marks River begins at the south end of Lake Miccosukee in northwestern Jefferson County, Florida as an underground river, then rising and flowing 35 miles through Leon and Wakulla counties into Apalachee Bay, an arm of the Gulf of Mexico. It has a drainage basin of 535 square miles in size. It has one significant tributary, the Wakulla River.

A few miles south of its source the St. Marks passes under a natural bridge and then disappears underground to become a subterranean river for about one-half mile. The river emerges to pass over a stretch of rocks, forming rapids.

The incorporated town of St. Marks is located at the juncture of the Wakulla and St. Marks Rivers. To the north is the community of Newport. Between St. Marks and Newport is a small industrial area serviced by barge.

The color of this clear, blue-green river results from its limestone bottom, and it has a variety of waterweeds above and below the surface. The current is mild, but it is possible to paddle upstream easily. A tiny, swamp-lined stream meandering from a series of ponds north of US 90 is ambitiously named the St. Marks River, but it is not until the advent of the waters from Horn Spring that it becomes a canoeable stream. Then, just 2.5 miles later, it goes underground to form the famous Natural Bridge of historical repute. After flowing under a roadway, forming a true natural bridge, the river resumes again with St. Marks Spring and flows some 11 miles to its confluence with the Wakulla and 3 miles on to the Gulf of Mexico. A small state park is located at the natural bridge.

Boat rentals are available locally, and can show you an undiscovered Florida you won`t soon forget. The St. Marks and Wakulla rivers are a quiet sanctuary for all types of wildlife.

Aquatic vegetation:

The St. Marks River flows through swampy terrain with a preponderance of cypress, magnolia, palm, and other lowland vegetation.


Bridge, coves, deep holes, brush, weedlines, trees.

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Boat Ramp, Parking (car/truck), Parking (boat/trailer), Picnic Area, Power Boats Allowed, Swimming Area, State campground, Shore fishing access, State picnic area, Playground, Camping, Restrooms, Fly Fishing
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Drum, Red (Saltwater) (Sciaenops ocellatus)


Snook (Centropomus undecimalis)


Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus)


Trout, Speckled (Cynoscion nebulosus)




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