Shasta Lake


Redding, CA
United States United States
40.7795, -122.2847
Depth (max):
517 Feet
29,500 Acres

Off I-5 north from Redding, California.During the early spring bank anglers can catch trout. During the summer the trout seek cooler temperatures with the most effective trolling at depths of 30 to 70 feet. Almost any rocky area on the lake may produce bass. Best catfish taking is in the spring and summer months at night. Although there are white sturgeon in the lake, few anglers fish for these giant bottom-feeders. Record sturgeon catch was in 1977, 190 pounds and 8 feet, 2 inches long.

Public Boat Ramps at Shasta Lake

Antlers - On the upper Sacramento River Arm adjacent to Antlers Campground. Picnicking, restrooms, fee. Exit I-5 at Antlers Road. 1/2 mile.

Bailey Cove - On the lower McCloud River Arm in Bailey Cove Campground area. Picnicking, restrooms, fee. (Not recommended on summer weekends due to excessive congestion, consider using Packers Bay.) Exit I-5 at O'Brien, take Shasta Caverns Road 1 mile to Bailey Cove Road.

Centimudi - Near Shasta Dam, northwest of Shasta Lake City. Restrooms, fee, picnicking nearby. (Not recommended on holiday weekends due to excessive congestion, consider using Packers Bay.) Exit I-5 at Lake Boulevard or Shasta Lake City on Shasta Dam Boulevard, take Lake or Shasta Dam Boulevard to Summit City.

Hirz Bay - On the Upper McCloud River Arm adjacent to Hirz Bay Campground. Restrooms, fee. Exit I-5 at Gilman Road, 10 miles to Hirz Bay.

Jones Valley - On the Pit River Arm at its confluence with the Squaw Valley Creek Arm near the Jones Valley Campground. Restrooms, fee. Exit at Oasis Road or Mountain Gate then east to Bear Mountain Road, 9 miles. (Not recommended on holidays or summer weekends due to congestion.)

Packers Bay - On the Lower Pit River Arm adjacent to the Packers Bay Marina. Picnicking, restrooms, fee. Northbound traffic exit at O'Brien and join southbound 1-5 traffic. Exit at Packers Bay Road, 1 mile.

Sugarloaf - On the Upper Sacramento River Arm in the Sugarloaf area of Lakehead. Fee. Services nearby. Exit I-5 at Lakeshore Drive, left 2 miles

Fish species within the lake are varied and abundant. Species known to inhabit the lake include: rainbow trout, brown trout, chinook salmon, largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass, black crappie, bluegill, carp, Sacramento sucker, Sacramento squawfish, riffle sculpin, black fish, hardhead minnow, white sturgeon, channel squawfish, threadfin shad, white catfish, brown bullhead, golden shiner and green sunfish.


Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Salmon: On the McCloud River Arm, trolling from Turntable Bay to Hirz Bay will usually produce some brown trout. The Sacramento River Arm, Dry Fork, Little Squaw Creek and Big Backbone Creek will usually produce some rainbows. Fishing for rainbows is usually good at Shasta Dam when the releases are high... remember that tying to the buoy line is illegal. During early spring, before the water temperatures start warming up, bank anglers can usually catch rainbows, brown and chinook salmon in the areas listed above. By late spring and early summer the trout are moving to deeper water for the cooler temperatures (50 - 57 deg. F).

Marshmallow and egg combinations and live minnows, either from the shore or boat, 2 to 3 feet below a bobber in the spring or 50' to 100' deep in the summer seem to work fairly well. Minnows live longer and have more mobility if they are hooked under the spine in front of the top (dorsal) fin.

Lures that are proven producers are: Thinfins in varying colors, Kastmasters, Rebels, Flatfish in Z-r or X-5, Rapalas, and Z-Rays. Trolling at depths of 30' to 70' seems to be effective. During the summer it is advisable to use a diving plane or 18 to 26 pound test lead core line. Lead core line is lead line encased in a dacron mesh cover. It should be used on a deep sea type of reel and a medium to heavy-duty rod.

Bass, Catfish and Crappie: Bass fishing on Shasta Lake can be good year round. Fishing is best in the spring and early summer. Spotted Bass are the most common, but Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass can also be caught. Rubber worms, spinner baits and live bait seem to work best, depending on the time of year.

Catfishing is best during the summer. Anchovies, chicken liver and "stink" baits are effective. Fishing after sunset is permitted for catfish. Channel Catfish, White Catfish and Bullheads are all found in Shasta Lake.

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Fishing Reports

about 4 years ago (05/01/2013)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 04.25.13

Bass fishing has been outstanding on Shasta Lake, where those with the skill and expertise to use various techniques, can and are, catching over 100 fish a day. …Most fish are in the Shasta “Rat Patrol” the cookie cutters in 11-14 inch range Gary Heffley at
over 4 years ago (01/05/2013)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 01.03.13

Shasta Lake Fishing Report for January 3 Cold conditions, windy days and murky water has kept the fishing activity down on Shasta Lake. But the bass bite remains excellent for those bundling up. Currently we’re mostly sunshine but clouds and showers expected by the weekend. Shasta Lake, Catch of the Day (instagram) Surface temperature on the main body of Shasta Lake is now about 48 to 52 degrees. The upper reaches of the lake tend to be colder than the main body, so...
over 4 years ago (11/08/2012)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 11.08.12

SHASTA LAKE — The bite has been in transition as the lake begins to turn. The trout and bait have moved up, now found between 25 and 40 feet. The Sac and McCloud arms are full of shad, making it a good spot to fish for bass and trout. Trout are also by the dam. The bass fishing is getting going and fish are everywhere, adjust your fishing to where the baitfish are.   compiled by Western Outdoor News...
over 4 years ago (10/16/2012)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 10.16.12

Shasta Lake- Fishing is excellent on Shasta Lake for Rainbows and Kings. Kings are being caught from the surface to 40 ft deep. The Bridge Bay area has also been producing good size Rainbows.Courtesy of Mike’s Fishing Guide Service  Fishing Guide: Phil's Propeller...
over 4 years ago (10/13/2012)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 10.13.12

SHASTA LAKE — The salmon have been hitting rolled anchovies from 85 to 100 feet in the mouth of Dry Creek, while the trout have been hitting Apexs and Wiggle Hoochies behind UV Sling Blades in the top 20 feet before the sun hits and they go down to 40 feet. For bass, now chasing baitfish into coves and arms, try plastics or topwater gear.
over 4 years ago (10/05/2012)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 10.05.12

Shasta Lake is 80' from the top. Warm weather has slowed the normal turnover. Fish are still deep. Trout fishing has been good all over the lake. 50 t0 100 feet deep. Best lures have been Cripplures in the Ni Blue Prism, Glow Shad and any of the UV patterns. Hum Dinger in the Silver Blue ( Capt America) Silver purple white, and any of the UV patterns and UV Wiggle Hoochies all 2 to 3' behind UV Sling Blades or the new Ifoil patterns. Best areas: Waters Gulch to No Name Island, Bridg...
over 4 years ago (10/04/2012)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 10.04.12

October 1, 2012 By Bob Tyler Launched from Bridge Bay resort at 7:00 today with 74 degree water temp’s and gin clear water. Made a run up the Pit arm and started out my day throwing a small profile walking bait in a shad pattern near Jones’ valley. The action was steady,But some of the fish were the size of my bait. I stuck with this for the first two hour’s jumping from point to point and backs of some pockets . By now the sun is up and working overtime so I switched...
over 4 years ago (09/11/2012)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 09.11.12

  Bass are starting to move up. Shad are near the surface in open water and bass are just underneath. You’ll want to work your crankbaits, plastics and spinnerbaits at 20 to 40 feet down along the rocky outcroppings and points. Post-Labor Day means less recreational traffic on the lake, but fishermen tell us that early and late are still the best bet. Adult shad have the lake on fire and the fishing fast for a mix of kings (120 feet) and rainbows (100 feet) at the mou...
over 4 years ago (08/29/2012)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 08.29.12

SHASTA LAKE — Although the fishing has been great, the smoke kept most anglers off the water. Unless another fire starts up, this coming long weekend should be good for both trout and bass. Try trolling in 40 to 70 feet for bass and rainbows under the I-5 Bridge where the shad were thick in the top 30 feet. They are adult shad and nice-sized. A cooling trend has the waters cooling and a better bite developing....
over 4 years ago (08/26/2012)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 08.26.12

SHASTA LAKE — Some guides said it’s been hotter than heck and not many anglers out because of that, but a cooling trend coming week should help. Try for trout in the Sac arm’s Goose Neck in 40 to 60 feet. Use an Apex any UV pattern, HumDingers and white hoochies. Digger Bay, the dam and Dry Creek are spots to target salmon in at least 120 feet with rolling shad or Paddle tails. Try for bass with drop-shot Robo Worms in 20 to 40 feet on the main lake points and rocky areas,...
about 6 years ago (03/23/2011)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 03.23.11

The Trout fishing on the Lower Sacramento River in the Redding area has been put on hold until the river releases come back down ,today 3-21-2011 it is at 46,000 cfps. BUT on the other hand the high water will make it good for Striper fishing on the Sacramento River in a couple months .Booking Striper fishing trip now for May.     The Trout fishing had been pretty good an the Sac. up until a week ago we hooked 8 Wild Rainbow Trout and 3 Steelhead on the last trip out .  ...
over 6 years ago (02/03/2011)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 02.03.11

Shasta Lake fishing has been good for Bass or Trout . For Trout fishing try trolling lures in silver /blue, Red /gold colors or shad imitations . For Bass fishing try 40 to 90 feet deep with minnows, Senkos or plastic worms shaky head or tubes in crawdad colors or water Mellon.     Good Luck Big Game Fishing   Al Brown’s Guide Service for more info or to book a trip call 530-357-2667   Al Brown   530-357-2667  ...
about 7 years ago (05/20/2010)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 05.20.10

The Sacramento River in the Redding area   Trout fishing is great right now and Striper fishing is also great in the Colusa area. Shad fishing is just getting started below Red Bluff. Shasta Lake is almost full with so many places to go fishing a person will have a hard time deciding what to go fishing for     Good Luck Big Game Fishing   Al Brown’s Guide Service for more info or to book a trip call 530-357-2667   Al Brown   Al Brown...
Al Brown’s Guide Service
over 7 years ago (02/22/2010)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 02.22.10

The Sacramento River has been fishing well between storms. The winter months are the hardest to fish do to the weather but there are some big fish to be caught ,Trout fishing is good year round on the Sacramento river. Looking forward to spring and some warm weather to fish in. What are they biting fly’s, plugs and bugs. Shasta lake Bass fishing is starting to pick up but the Bass fishing can be good one day bad the next just like the river it all depend on the weather try using plasti...
Al Brown’s Guide Service
over 7 years ago (02/05/2010)

Shasta Lake Fishing Report 02.05.10

2-5-2010 Fishing report The Sacramento River has been on and off do to the rains mudding up the river. It is taking about 4 days for the river to clear up enough to go fishing but when thing clears up the best area to try for a Wild Rainbow Trout or a Wild Steelhead will be the area from Redding to Anderson . This section of river clears up quick. Flows are very low just over 3,000 cfs. Water temp. about 48 deg. If you like using waders to fish now is the time to go. What are they biting F...



Bass, Largemouth (Micropterus salmoides)


Bass, Smallmouth (Micropterus dolomieu)


Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus)


Bullhead, Brown (Ameiurus nebulosus)


Catfish, White (Ameiurus catus)


Crappie, Black (Pomoxis nigromaculatus)


Salmon, Chinook (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)


Sturgeon, White (Acipenser transmontanus)


Sunfish, Green (Lepomis cyanellus)


Trout, Brown (Salmo trutta)


Trout, Steelhead (Rainbow) (Oncorhynchus mykiss)



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