St. Joseph Sound


Clearwater, FL
United States United States
27.975, -82.7875
Depth (average):
5 Feet
6 Miles

St. Joseph Sound sits along the western shore of Florida, near the coastal cities of Dunedin and Clearwater. The sound stretches from the north edge of Tarpon Springs to Clearwater Harbor. Several white-sand beaches in the area feature crystal blue waters and recreation for the entire family. Fishing, nature trails and primitive campsites are highlights at the less-crowded state park beaches, while hotel resorts and various attractions surround busy Clearwater Beach.

Spot Access:
Boat Ramp, Parking (car/truck), Parking (boat/trailer), Picnic Area, Power Boats Allowed, Swimming Area, Disabled access, Shore fishing access, State picnic area, Beach, Fly Fishing, Wading, Floating, Bait shop on site, Rental boats available, Marina
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Fishing Reports

St. Joseph Sound Fishing Report 10.12.11

Hi friends!   Well we finally have some cooler, dry weather in our area. It has been a long hot summer, for sure. I welcome the change and so do the fish! In the very hot, end of summer months, the fishing gets a little slower. Now, with the cooler water temps, the fish start to migrate and feed much better. We are seeing a lot of action so check out what is happening out here...     The Redfish have finally started to cooperate. I am focusing on low tide potholes,...

St. Joseph Sound Fishing Report 09.08.11

Hey friends. The end of summer is nearing, but the rainy season and active tropical patterns are really plaguing us lately. Hurricanes and soaking rain storms have kept me off of the water most days in recent weeks. There have been a few bright days in between, so in this report, I'll talk about what has been going on recently, and what is coming up...     Redfishing is still inconsistent. Working all of the spots I have fished in the last decade has only earned us a few bites,...
AllCatch Fishing Charters Capt. Gary Burch
about 6 years ago (03/02/2011)

St. Joseph Sound Fishing Report 03.02.11

March 2011 Fishing Forecast     After a prolonged, below normal cold winter, the fish will be itching to push up on the flats looking for something to eat in March. The days are longer and the sunshine is stronger, helping to warm the waters of Clearwater and St. Joseph Sound in Dunedin. Trout action has been excellent in Dunedin and Clearwater. The spoil islands in Dunedin attract a lot attention because every winter they hold tons of quality size trout. This should continue...
AllCatch Fishing Charters Capt. Gary Burch
over 6 years ago (02/15/2011)

St. Joseph Sound Fishing Report 02.15.11

January’s weather has been rather typical for Clearwater due to the cold fronts. Water temperatures were in the middle 50s most of the month in the Dunedin fishing area. On occasion, the water temps reached 60 only to go back down with the passing of another cold front.     The trout became acclimated to the cold water and started biting on everything thrown their way. Casting artificials and retrieving very slowly along the bottom was the ticket to catching some big 20+ inch...
Capt. Gary Burch
over 6 years ago (01/19/2011)

St. Joseph Sound Fishing Report 01.19.11

December 2010 The coldest December on record. Need I say more? Water temperatures dipped into the upper 40’s and slid back into the mid 50s for the rest of the month. Getting on the water was tough due to the winds howling from the north most of the time. For the most part, our winter fish, redfish, trout and sheepshead, had not settled into their winter locations because of a mild November. As December unfolded, the fish scattered to the deepest and warmest water they could find,...
Capt/ Gary Burch
over 6 years ago (01/19/2011)

St. Joseph Sound Fishing Report 01.19.11

January 2011 Winter Conditions: We are starting January out with the water temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below normal. Clearwater and Dunedin inshore and bay waters are showing 54 degrees. This is an increase of 4 to 5 degrees from the middle of December. Even with temperatures on the cold side, there will be a nice sunny day that warms the waters on the inshore flats. This will be the time to get out and search your favorite trout and redfish areas. The optimal condition would be to have a...
Capt. Brian Caudill Clearwater Fishing Guide
over 7 years ago (02/02/2010)

St. Joseph Sound Fishing Report 02.02.10

Turning the Corner and Catching Fish!!! 1/31/2010 Hello friends. How is 2010 treating you? It has been a roller coaster ride for weather in Florida so far. As many of you know, we had a pretty substantial fish kill a few weeks ago with sustained temperatures in the 20's. That drops the water temps so low that Snook, Mullet and other shallow water species die. We have since turned the corner and have had a warming trend. Fish are starting to respond and it seems all is well out here again. Re...
Capt. Brian Caudill
over 7 years ago (12/16/2009)

St. Joseph Sound Fishing Report 12.16.09

Hey Friends! Ready for the holiday season yet? Why not buy your loved one a Gift Certificate from Capt. Brian? I've been sending them out for a couple weeks now and we still have time! They make a great stocking stuffer. If you are up North, I hope you are staying warm. Come on down and have some fun fishing with me, just leave that cold weather behind. Here is what is happening on the water... This time of year always brings us some cold fronts. Not all bad as they push in the bigger Trout an...

St. Joseph Sound Fishing Report 11.10.09

Hey Friends. Happy fall! We finally have some cooler temperatures in Florida and it feels great! It will have an affect on the fish but only for a short time while they adjust to the water temp dropping a few degrees. I even ran some trips with last weeks cold front coming through and we were still successful. Snook fishing has begun to slow some. Certainly the drop in water temps have forced them to move toward the back country. On the warmer days, I still expect to hook some great fish i...

St. Joseph Sound Fishing Report 09.16.09

Hello Friends. I hope this finds you all well. It has been a long hot summer. School has started back, travelers are back at home and Snook season opened. It all goes hand in hand every year. There will be great fishing action this fall if you know where to find it. Keep reading and I'll clue you in without giving away all of my secret spots, of course. Let's start with those ever popular Snook. All summer they have been concentrated around the points of all the passes and on the beache...

St. Joseph Sound Fishing Report 07.29.09

Here we go! More 90 degree days with a few storms mixed in.  We always say things like, "I don't ever remember it being this hot!"  or I've never seen this much rain!"  even though it is the same every year.  One thing I know is we make the same type of adjustments this time each year. Beach fishing when the backwaters are in the 90's. We are still getting fish in the backcountry on higher tides which stay a little cooler, but most of my focus is around...

St. Joseph Sound Fishing Report 06.19.09

Thu, Jun 18, 2009 - Capt. Brian Caudill Inshore Fishing Charters Report:Hello everyone. It's been a while. I have been staying very busy fishing from Clearwater for inshore and near shore species, to Boca Grande for the Tarpon. It's very warm here, and just like always our tactics have changed to keep the fishing interesting. Also, my Dorado 23 boat has been a great change for me and by the next report I promise to have pictures of it on my website. I have had some awesome trips the past few w...



Cobia (Rachycentron canadum)


Drum, Black (Pogonias cromis)


Drum, Red (Saltwater) (Sciaenops ocellatus)


Flounder, Gulf (Paralichthys albigutta)


Mackerel, Spanish (Scomberomorous maculatus)


Trout, Speckled (Cynoscion nebulosus)




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